The generator for all boats, without engine. Incredible but true

zeus200 generator

The energy revolution was served at the Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show with the brand new Zeus200 thermoelectric generator produced by Italian Mobil Tech.

Now energy is no longer a problem on board.

The traditional engine is not in the Zeus200

Why is it revolutionary? Because Mobil Tech’s Zeus200 is a battery charger generator without a traditional engine that weighs little, takes up little space, is quiet, practically non-polluting and has no vibrations.

It fits any boat, even a small one

It all sounds too good, but that’s how it is. The Zeus200 thermoelectric generator uses the technology that has been adopted for years by NASA and space satellites to produce energy. It works well even on small boats, weighs only 36.5 kg and measures only 67x35x33 cm. Like a box.

An intuition born in 1821, now NASA uses it.

Nothing experimental is all tested, click here to discover all the secrets and features of Zeus200 which produces 400 Amperes per day, 200 watts of power output. And, we repeat, it is also installed in small sailing and motor boats.

Beautiful is the story of how the thermoelectric technology used now by NASA was born, exploiting the Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821, a brilliant intuition that you can find here.




Learn more

Find out how Mobil Tech’s technicians have realized the brand new Zeus200 thermoelectric generator, how this new accessory is made and how it is mounted on board, by visiting the product in the stand at Milano Yachting Week by clicking directly here.

You will also be able to talk directly with Mobil Tech’s experts via email and, maybe, go see it live by booking an appointment.



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