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Regala o regalati un abbonamento a Barche a Motore cartaceo + digitale e a soli 39 euro l’anno hai la rivista a casa e in più la leggi su PC, smartphone e tablet. Con un mare di vantaggi.

Remote boat monitoring and total integration. These are the two most tangible trends in the boat market: if you love your boat, you would never want to leave it. There have already been a few boatyards that, in a pioneering way, have provided boat owners with a digital “cloud” where they can store boat documents. But the German giant Hanse (which also owns the Moody, Dehler, Fjord, Sealine, and Privilege brands) has done more.

In collaboration with Croatian company Sentinel Marine Solutions, it launched the MyHanse Security Cloud, a telematics monitoring and security platform reserved for shipowners.

Connected boat, here’s how this platform works

What is it all about? With an app on their smartphone or in the owners’ area of Hanse’s website, owners will be able to access boat data in real time. The MyHanse Security Cloud is a platform with several features, starting with three: BoatMonitoring, eLogBook and eServiceBook. Let’s see how they work (other applications are under development):


Several alarm systems alert the owner, whether he or she is away or aboard the boat. There are, for example: position and motion history, intrusion detection, anchor alarm, weather alarm, bilge level alarm, grounding alarm, collision signals, as well as fuel and battery status indicators. Alerts, with push notifications to one’s smartphone, inform about potentially dangerous situations and give indications of low fuel and battery levels. It is possible to create temporary accounts for access to the onboard system when entrusting or lending the boat to someone else (perhaps the skipper for a transfer).


This feature conveniently tracks the boat’s course and stores meaningful data such as speed, course, and position. Data history is a key component of navigation and is used for accident prevention, as well as helping to analyze the causes of failures. They are also essential to help rescuers in case of breakdown and in some cases are required by law. The eLogBook can also be used to create a simple “logbook” with all the information and trivia gathered during the cruise.

eService Book:

Important information is collected and processed in the cloud and automatically entered into the digital service booklet. The platform calculates how many miles the boat went under sail and motor. It also knows the maintenance intervals for all boat components and automatically notifies when periodic maintenance is needed (again via push notifications.

Sea intakes, anodes, motor oil, saildrive, will no longer be forgotten. The digital booklet will always be up-to-date-this, if you meet the deadlines, will help maintain the value of the boat over time. As an additional service, manuals for the yacht and all installed components will also be available in the app and owner’s area of the HanseYachts website, ready to use.

As of today, all new Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Fjord, Sealine and Privilège boats will be equipped as standard with the necessary hardware that, being connected to on-board electronics, communicates worldwide via mobile networks. In the middle of the sea, if the mobile network is not reachable, the data will be stored and updated again when you reconnect to the network.

We are sure that many more sites will follow suit!

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