Now you can buy your Yamaha outboard in a click on the new e-commerce

E-commerce Outboard Yamaha
E-commerce Outboard Yamaha

Want to change your Yamaha outboard? Now you can do it directly on the internet with Yamaha Marine Italia that has launched its online shop for transporters. Good news for those who need to get “on the fly” the outboard for the tender or small boats, simplifying the purchase process.

Which Yamaha outboards you can buy?

The website of Yamaha Motor’s marine division now hosts a new e-commerce section dedicated to the entire range of portable engines from 2.5 to 8 hp and the entire line-up of electric motors.

How Yamaha Outboard E-commerce works

Online purchases can be made from any device or computer. It is fast, simple, and safe. So you can take an engine at any time of the year. The outboards available in the online shop are the smallest. They are easy to stow, both in the car and in the camper, and are the ideal choice as auxiliary engines.

Once you have chosen the model, in a few clicks you can fill out a form, pay the deposit and book the desired Yamaha outboard.

How do you take the outboard?

Once you have selected the right Yamaha outboard for us, you will then be able to pick up the engine at the most convenient official Yamaha dealer. In total there are about 100 showrooms distributed throughout the country. The balance of the payment will be made directly at the dealer selected by the user. There will also be delivered the power declaration, activated the warranty. A maintenance program will then be planned according to the hours of use.

Click here for the new Yamaha outboard e-commerce.




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    Good afternoon, I’m Mr ipense alaba Felix from Nigeria I’m looking for a good please to do buying Yamaha engine from Europe to Nigeria.

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