Pure power, Yamaha launches 375 horsepower outboard

fuoribordo yamaha 375 barca

Just a few months ago we told you about the V8 XTO, Yamaha’s 425 horsepower outboard. However, the Japanese company did not stop and launched its “quieter” brother in Dusseldorf with 375 horsepower under the grille.

Why such an outboard after the 425 horsepower V8?

Yahama now boasts a pair of extremely powerful outboard engines, the two 425 hp and 375 hp V8 XTOs. The latter, less powerful, was born later than the other and with a clear objective: to increase the range of boats on which you can equip this kind of extremely powerful engines.

The 375 horsepower V8 XTO shares the same technology as the 425 horsepower Yamaha V8 XTO with its direct injection fuel delivery system and integrated electric steering system.

With this kind of power, the outboards can also be used on large luxury yachts. In this regard, they are also the first 4-stroke engines in the industry to use direct injection that goes directly into the combustion chamber, improving fuel atomisation and optimising fuel use for increased power and efficiency.

The direct injection system has five fuel pumps and generates an injection pressure of up to 200 Bar. The three-stage fuel pressure system also includes two independent fuel pumps that are activated at specific rpm levels and are contained within the vapour separator tank (VST). This ensures a very precise fuel flow and constant delivery, even at maximum rpm levels.

The new F375 XTO also boasts a compression ratio of 12.2:1. The In-Bank Exhaust function provides a direct path for the gas to the bottom unit and out through the centre of the propeller pin, improving the propeller flow. This means getting the most out of every spark, as well as extreme combustion efficiency and increased power.

The F375 XTO has a two-stage water pump and an oil pump with double chamber. The water pump is equipped with a rubber impeller for high pressure, together with a steel impeller. Together they provide high volume cooling water flow and accurate temperature control at all rpm levels, even under the most extreme conditions.



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