The “big of sailing” want motor boats: X-Yachts acquires HOC Yachts

HOC 33 Explorer

The world of motorboats it’s going well. The situation has certainly not escaped the attention of a sailing big like X-Yachts, a Danish shipyard with over 40 years of history, which will have its own “motor section” after the acquisition of HOC Yachts, a Swedish shipyard.

X-Yachts and HOC Yachts

The president of X-Yachts Ib Kunøe, a passionate sailor, after the acquisition of HOC Yachts has defined himself as “on the Powerboat Wave”, ie ready to devote himself to motor boats. In short, the “powerboats” also excite the greats of the sailing world.

You work on two models

The first two in-line models, the Explorer and the Cruiser, are ready to make their debut on the market with everything you need in a motorboat. The characteristic of the models is the modern design. Those boat are made, first of all, for facing all-weather in safety and with ease of use. In short, a fusion between HOC and X-Yachts to have boats at the top. To see the first model, however, you have to wait until at least 2021 at the Boat Show in Düsseldorf.

Hoc Yachts

HOC Yachts is a Swedish shipyard born with the aim of creating boats that are easy to drive with excellent seaworthiness and that consume little. In the picture you can see the HOC 33 Explorer where you can see the typical “Nordic” lines that are enjoying great success here in the Mediterranean too.



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