Wi-Fi and 4G navigation systems chosen for you

To have a connected boat and communicate, surf the web and send emails even in the middle of the sea, the tools are constantly evolving. Here are 8 Wi-Fi and 4G systems that can’t be left on the boat to stay in touch with the world.


Glomex / WeBBoat 4G Plus

The Webboat 4G Plus Wi-Fi/4G antenna from Glomex of Italy features an integrated router, dual SIM option and automatic switch between 4G and Wi-Fi. Download and upload speeds are 100 and 50 megabits per second respectively. Power supply is 12 and 24 V.


Glomex / WeBBoat 4G Plus


MVG / Neptulink new Version

This model of 4G antenna is more affordable, has a built-in router, but no dual SIM function, making it suitable for surfing but not ‘trespassing’ in other countries. Again, the download and upload speeds claimed by the manufacturer are 100 and 50 mbps.


MVG / Neptulink new Version


SCOUT / Wi-Fi + 4G oOnboard

Wi-Fi + 4G onBoard allows you to quickly connect to existing WiFi hotspots and the 4G mobile network, sharing the signal on board via the built-in hotspot or via Ethernet. The system automatically selects the best available network to maintain Internet connectivity on board, up to 20 miles from shore.


SCOUT / Wi-Fi + 4G Onboard


Buzz marine / Hubba x4-GLOBAL

It is the first multi-band, multi-protocol, dual SIM LTE data router system designed for boats. Ideal for those who frequently sail from one country’s coastline to another, it also interacts with existing satellite systems to switch seamlessly when out of range of terrestrial networks.


Buzz marine / Hubba x4-GLOBAL


Nautigamma / Wiboat router 4g Wi-Fi

It is a watertight router for a 4G SIM. The Wi-Fi module is optionally configurable to connect to shore-based hot-spots or as on-board wifi. When configured for land-based hot-spots, it automatically switches between this mode and the 4G cellular network based on availability.


Nautigamma / Wiboat router 4g Wi-Fi


Wifionboard / 4G Magnetic

This antenna is ideal for ‘flying’ installations, perhaps on the hard top or in the deckhouse on the roof, thanks to a magnet that secures it. The unit works on all mobile networks, whether 2, 3 or 4G.


Wifionboard / 4G Magnetic


Digital Yacht / WL60

The combination of an iKConnect with a WL60 antenna is Digital Yacht’s complete low-cost Wi-Fi solution and is the ideal way to connect your smartphone or tablet to the internet when in port.


Digital Yacht / WL60


Mailasail / Wi-Fi Bat

The Wi-Fi Bat is a 2W waterproof omnidirectional antenna that, the manufacturers say, can retrieve the Wi-Fi signal from up to 10 miles away. This high-gain (8dB) antenna is 70cm high and comes with 15m of coaxial cable, which terminates in a standard USB socket.


Mailasail / Wi-Fi Bat




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