What is the right tender for your boat? Here is the top of the “mini inflatables”


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yacht tender

Which dinghies to choose if you want to move carefree below the coast or go ashore for dinner while leaving the boat in the roadstead? From jet tenders to more “spartan” models, the range of offerings is wide, including size and power. It starts with 20 horsepower and goes up to 150, for tenders ranging from 3 to 5 meters.

Mini inflatables: here are the top 8


Luxury hydrojet tenders are now widespread, and among the best performers of this type of dinghy are Pirelli with its licensee Tecnorib. The J45 is the flagship of the J line and is 4.50 long. The command console is all in the bow, while the passengers, for a maximum of seven, are arranged on comfortable seats behind the person steering the boat.

Loa: 4.50 m – B.max: 2.00 m – Engine: 110 hp Diesel Jet Drive www.tecnorib.it


Castoldi’s new jet tender is 4.28 meters long and 2 meters wide. Fast and versatile combines restraint and elegance. The maximum speed is over 30 knots and on board can accommodate up to a maximum of 7 passengers.

Loa: 4.28 – B.max: 2.0 m – Engine: Castoldi waterjet unit type Turbodrive 224 DD www.castoldijet.it


Elegant and practical, it is a tender that has style and quality in sailing. Powered outboard with up to 70 horsepower it can accommodate up to 7 people on board comfortably spread over the nearly 4.5-meter dinghy. Great attention to detail for a classy and practical vehicle.

Loa: 4.57 m – B.max: 2.17 m – Engine: 70 hp www.cantiericapelli.com


Fast and responsive, Joker’s little one is rated for 4 passengers in a length of 3.53 meters. The wheelhouse is central, and seating is all around the bow and stern. The power available to this tender is considerable with a 150-horsepower engine.

Loa: 3.53 m – B.max: 2.16 – Engine: 150 hp www.jokerboat.it


Space and comfort on board and practicality at the helm for a boat that is aesthetically elegant. Length of just under 3.5 meters with room for about 4 people. Motorization is Selva outboard with 20-25 horsepower recommended.

Loa 3.44 m – B.max: 1.71 – Engine: 20-25 hp www.selvamarine.com


It is a tender that manages to fully utilize the power of the installed outboard. Made in partnership with SurMarine it is as technological as a large RIB and as compact as a support boat should be. In 3.70 meters it can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Loa: 3.70 m – B.max: 1.77 m – Engine: 40 hp www.marine.suzuki.it


Spartan look for a market bestseller as is Plastimo’s tender among mini inflatables. Made of abrasion- and UV-resistant material, it has an inverted-V aluminum hull. The recommended motorization is 20 outboard horsepower.

Loa: 3.40 m – B.max: 1.54 m – Engine: 20 hp www.plastimo.comwww.fni.it


Flagship of this review is Dariel Yacht’s 5.5-meter tender. Understated and elegant, it can accommodate up to 9 people and can reach a maximum speed of 35 knots thanks to its 110 horsepower.

Loa: 5.5 m – B.max: 2.31 – Engine: Jet Drive 110 hp www.darielyacht.com



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