Welcome “multispace yacht”! Here how Italy is revolutionizing the yachting

Flybridge, explorer, trawler, hardtop. Is everything there? If we had written it a week ago, probably, yes. From today, however, the categories of yachts evolve with the arrival of the innovative multispace yacht, already under construction.

Multispace yachts, both on board and in the villa | Very high quality and low prices? The secret is in the construction process

Cetera’s first motor boat will be about 19 metres long, with a beam of 5.5 metres. The inspiration came from a villa developed on one floor, characterized by great harmony between interior and exterior. The large windows increase the brightness and ventilation of the environment, improving the interaction between the indoor and outdoor areas, which is one of the characteristics of residential architecture.

Cetera, a name that we will explain later, is a totally new concept of motor boats with a focus on the concept of “stretched liveability”. This yacht is revolutionary already in the way it is conceived and built: a process of vertical positioning in which liveable areas are positioned on a single deck instead of on two or more levels. What does this mean?

That this multispace yacht will have the characteristics of one-storey villas that have the whole livable area on the same level. The lower deck is entirely dedicated to services and spaces for machinery, while the upper part is a totally liveable floor without interruptions from bow to stern, except for the dividers that distinguish the cabins from each other. All this aims to improve the concept of “easy boating”, which not only concerns the owner, but also those who build the boats, simplifying both the liveability on board and the production process.

This implies a new distribution of the internal and external spaces with a maximisation of liveability, the real focus of the project. Not only that, this yacht will be built with materials of the highest quality without going to affect in a prohibitive way on the price. How? With the reduction of production times that reduces costs and delivery times, another positive effect of vertical positioning.

Salvatore Serio

New boat and new brand, but the experience is four “sacred monsters”

Cetera Yachts, as we said before, is the name of the brand that is building the first multispace yacht in the history of boating. The Latin echo of this name – Cetera – does not lie about the Italian origin of the project because it derives from the vessel of a fleet of ancient Rome, stationed in Baia.

Some may have understood by now, but Baia (near Pozzuoli) is the headquarters of Fiart Mare, a shipyard among the pioneers of fibreglass that still today unites engineers and carpenters to build unique boats. If Fiart is the first of the protagonists of this new chapter in boating, who are the others? Salvatore Serio, president of JJL with a leading role in the history of Dufour Yachts, Paolo Francia, owner of CorseT and Francesco Guida, yacht designer and naval engineer who took care of the interiors of Azimut S7, winner of the “European Power Boat of the Year 2018” at last year’s Düsseldorf Boat Show.

Motorisation? Economical and eco-friendly!

Hybrid solutions to pollute and consume less, in line with the propensity for electricity that is investing the world of boating. A new boat for young families, singles who love fun and superyacht owners who are looking for smaller yachts. Multispace and multiyachts! Cetera combines the advantages of a traditional shuttle, a long-haul trawler and a flybridge cruiser.

Here’s how it’s structured

Lower deck: dedicated The innovative concept of “diffuse equipment” ensures that each system has a dedicated space, which ensures easy inspection. It is also innovative that on the lower deck Cetera includes the crew cabins, the laundry room and the garage for the tender. Bow of the main deck: it is totally dedicated to a panoramic lounge. Protected from the high walls and the windscreen for privacy even when in port, this relaxation area is accessible directly from the main saloon. A central corridor or external walkways lead directly to the stern deck, a unique solution for yachts up to 80 feet. All guest accommodation is located in the centre of the main deck. The shipyard has several layouts, but the standard solution is a master suite and a double cabin. The cabins are so far from the engines, with less noise and vibration.

The first Cetera yacht is already under construction and will make its international debut in spring/summer 2019. The new brand and features of the multispace yacht will be unveiled at the Dusseldorf Boat Show 2019.



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