Watermakers and filters for the boat, functional and compact

Flatwash, the pull-out hand shower by Foresti & Suardi.

These systems have now reached even small sizes but with great water production. Silent and reliable, they allow you to produce a water reserve for every need even on board. At this time of year, when the boat holiday is sought after and appreciated because it allows you to enjoy your holiday in freedom and away from crowds, boat desalinators keep you away from ports. Desalinators and filters are the ideal solution for having a reserve of water on board, both for use in the kitchen and bathroom, but also for washing the deck.


Functional and compact watermakers


Katadyn / Survivor 06

The manually operated desalinator Survivor 06 from Swiss Katadyn is particularly compact and lightweight. It is suitable for life rafts or very small boats. An accessory to increase your safety at sea. Power: 0,89 l / hour. Weight: 1.13 kg. Dimensions: 12.7 x 20.3 x 6.4 cm.

Katadyn / Survivor 06



Osmosea / New 12

Automatic energy recovery desalinators. They do not emit vibrations and allow up to 80% energy recovery. The models in the New 12 range, like the New12 S pictured, range from 25 to 150 litres per hour. They are also equipped with Osmosea pressure intensifiers and are easily installed on board.

Osmosea / New 12

In the Accessories Pavilion at Milan Yachting Week



Spectra / Ventura

The Spectra Ventura series is designed to make the boat energy efficient and facilitate installation in tight spaces. The Ventura 150 C delivers over 24 litres of fresh drinking water per hour, the Ventura 200T C delivers over 31 litres. They are equipped with the Spectra Connect control system that allows you to operate and monitor the watermaker from a remote device.

Spectra / Ventura



Idromar / Mini Compact

With a fresh water production ranging from 65 to 180 lt/h, the Mini Compact series is the Idromar proposal for boats from 15 to 25 meters, where an intensive and continuous use is not always necessary. Compact, in decomposable version, the three desalinators of the series are characterized by the use of 316 l stainless steel.

Idromar / Mini Compact



Schenker / Zen

With the Zen compact desalinators, space is no longer an issue. Their shape makes them suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations. The Zen 30 weighs 19 kg, is only 10 cm thick and consumes 110 W; the 50 weighs 22 kg and is 13.3 cm thick (consumes 240 W). The latest addition is the Zen 150, which produces an impressive 150 litres per hour and is suitable for 15 to 18 metre boats.

Schenker / Zen



HP Watermakers / Genius

The HP Genius water filter removes all traces of chlorine and intercepts a large number of pollutants that can contaminate fresh water on board as it travels. In addition, the bacteriostatic treatment system with silver ions sterilises the water at the point of delivery, eliminating any bacteria that may be present in the boat’s tank.

HP Watermakers / Genius





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