Wake Tower Speakers, the new speakers by Fusion

Wake Tower Speakers fusion Wake Tower Speakers

Turn up the volume! Introducing the new Wake Tower Speakers from Fusion. And it’s a whole new kind of music. Fusion is one of the Garmin Marine brands among the world’s leading protagonists in electronics and satellite navigation. The Signature Series 3 offers a truly high-performance entertainment experience from an audio standpoint. Add to that the new range of colors developed to suit every vessel. In short, the solution to create a unique and unmistakable style on board.

Wake Tower Speakers Fusion

What do the new Fusion Wake Tower Speakers look like? They have a modern design and then also feature LED lighting. To be fair, they are the first in the industry to feature internal illumination that goes beyond the traditional red, green, and blue to which cool white and warm white (CRGBW) are added. With all these colors, in addition to the classic ones, it is possible to create a truly unique atmosphere on board, according to taste and especially to the mood of the music. The new series is available with a Sports White or Sports Chrome finish, to perfectly suit your boat.

But now let’s get down to business: How are they designed in terms of sound? The Wake Tower Speakers Fusion is equipped with top materials that deliver the best sound. This is thanks in part to their composite cone technology that delivers greater sound definition and higher quality audio.

Wake Tower Speakers fusion speakers

The sea, you know, is a harsh environment. The Wake Tower Speakers Fusion has been designed to the True-Marine standard. What does that mean? It means that the work that went into designing the entire Signature speaker lineup has passed seaworthiness and quality tests at sea, so you can be assured of crisp sound and quality entertainment in all conditions.
With an IP65 rating, the speakers meet even the most stringent industry standards, all backed by the Fusion warranty.

How much do the new Signature Series 3 Wake Tower Speakers cost?

The new speakers are available at prices ranging from $649 to $949 including VAT depending on the 6.5″, 7.7″ and 8.8″ sizes. All accessories are included in the package for easy assembly and versatile onboard installation.

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