WaveFlyer is the mini-boat (3 m) with foils that flies at 20 knots


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WaveFlyer - Sailing
WaveFlyer – Sailing

WaveFlyer Volaré
is an electric tender with foils that can accommodate two people on board and reach speeds of more than 20 knots. It has a variable range, depending on the battery installed on board, and varies from about 19 to about 55 nautical miles, with corresponding charging rates ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.

WaveFlyer. How the electric tender that flies works

The company is Australian, and the propulsion system of the
WaveFlyer Volaré
incorporates a series of control surfaces and two motors that synergistically generate the power needed for the boat to be agile, responsive and exceptionally maneuverable. The power unit is called WaveDrive, and its intelligent design prioritizes maximum efficiency,quiet operation and easy maintenance. It consists of two high-efficiency, direct-drive brushless motors powered by an energy-dense lithium battery pack.

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This tender moves silently and environmentally friendly, plus it leaves almost no wake after its passage, without disturbing other boats and vessels. Quiet but also fun, it can exceed 20 knots of speed at maximum power, flying above the water thanks to the foiling system engineered specifically for this craft. Integration with the smartphone app makes it easy to monitor battery levels, track speed and distance traveled, and receive alerts when it is time to recharge.

The hull of the
WaveFlyer Volaré
measures 290 centimeters in length and 125 centimeters at maximum beam, with a draft ranging from 40 to 110 cm, depending on the position of the foils. The tender has a layout that includes two horizontal seats (with a settee) and a center console with a 7-inch HD display plus joystick for steering. The price of the WaveFlyer Volaré varies from 49 thousand dollars required for the basic version (with 1.5 hours of range, about 19 nautical miles) to the 59 thousand set for the version with 4.5 hours of range (about 55 nautical miles) via the intermediate version that costs 54 thousand dollars and promises 3 hours of range (35 nautical miles).



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