Verga Plast. Take a transparent boat, buy it online and receive it at home


Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show is not only the boat show where you can find big boats. There are also really cool tenders like VergaPlast’s ones like the new Vergaplasts transparent models. Yes you read well, they are transparent.


How did Vergaplast’s technicians make two models, 2.20 and 2.50 meters with transparent hull? Completely, also the bottom of the hull. They explain it better in the stand that you can find on the dock at Milano Yachting Week.

Vergaplast: the transparent tender

We give you some anticipations. The two models in the Vergaplast stand are made of polycarbonate, treated to resist salt, UV rays (does not dull) and shocks. Perfect to be equipped with an electric motorization but also traditional.

Little more than two meters long is perfect to be used either as a tender or for daily trips.

Here are the two models of transparent tender, which were invented those of Vergaplast, to be used with the cabin boat or independently for short trips.


Vergaplast Tender 220 T

It has an ingenious catamaran hull that makes it more stable, it weighs only 29 kg supports a small engine up to 4 hp but the technicians also recommend the use of an electric model. It costs, with a promotional discount for the Milan Yachting Week, 898 euro, including shipping.

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Vergaplast Coral View 250

It has a classic V-shaped hull, weighs 37 kg and supports outboard up to 3.9 hp or electric. It costs, with a promotional discount for the Milan Yachting Week, 1030 euro, including shipping.

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Buy it now online

With a simple click at Vergaplast’s stand at Milano Yachting Week both models can be purchased directly. In a few days the boat will arrive at your home. You don’t have to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the stand you will find the button to activate the contact with a click.



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