Used inflatable boats: 5 classic and tourist models


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Here are 5 suggestions among classic, small and medium used inflatable boats that are worth looking for now in preparation for next summer!Increasingly larger, increasingly keeled, increasingly powerful, RIBs are experiencing a period of success and ranking higher and higher. Also increasingly expensive, for that matter. But woe to forget one’s roots! The inflatable boat was created to be practical, lightweight, space-saving, and inexpensive. These are the merits of the “classic” inflatable boat, which have made its fortune.


Valiant 685 Classic

(photo above)

With its well-organized cockpit, it can accommodate even large companies of friends on board in comfort and is the ideal vehicle for those who enjoy spending time with family or welcoming friends.

A large perimeter sofa follows the forward V, offering a beautiful living area that can be transformed into a sunbathing area at a moment’s notice. In the cockpit, on the other hand, is a comfortable dinette nicely gathered on a C-shaped sofa, of which the forward section uses the pilot’s leaning post as a backrest.

The control station is centrally located and is offered in a conformation that provides a well-equipped instrument panel. The cockpit also has many storage lockers and can have a side backrest for added comfort and safety.

The range of engines for this airboat accepts various powers up to a maximum of 200 horsepower with XL shank. Whatever power is chosen, it is powered by Mercury outboards.


Data sheet

  • LOA: 6.85 m
  • B.max: 2.75 m
  • Displacement: 990 kg
  • Places: 14
  • Motorization: 150 hp
Valiant 685 Classic


Black Fin 550 Classic


Small, but very racy and versatile, it is equipped with a very wide engine range, ranging from 40 to 120 hp, all Mercury. Pleasant and essential, the Black Fin 550 Classic is an ideal dinghy for daily sea outings and comfortable, relaxing roadstead stops. The layout is traditional in style and includes a sunbathing area in the bow (which conceals a large locker) and a clean, ergonomic steering console with dual seating for pilot and co-pilot.

Also appreciated here is the large tubular grab bar that contours the windshield, which provides the possibility of handholding while sailing or for passengers moving on board, but also has an aesthetic value.

Other convenient handholds to use while sailing are the bow handles, located on both tubulars. Remarkable, for an inflatable boat of just over 5 meters, is the maximum power provided by the shipyard, which reaches 120 horsepower in a Mercury package, but sails perfectly even with a 40 horsepower, which makes this inflatable boat a valuable asset even for those who do not have a license and perhaps are looking for their first boat to approach boating.


Data sheet

  • LOA: 5.33 m
  • B.max: 2.34 m
  • Displacement: 430 kg
  • Places: 9
  • Motorization: 40 to 120 HP
Black Fin 550 Classic


Makò 68

The Makò 68 is a very well-equipped inflatable boat and, thanks to an agreement with Suzuki, is marketed by the Japanese company, which, of course, equips all models in this line made by the Lombard shipyard Formenti.

The Makò 68, unveiled in 2013, can have engines ranging from DF90 to DF200, while the very rich and well-maintained standard equipment places it at the high end of the market, but a decidedly competitive price.

It is equipped with many accessories in addition to the standard equipment, such as the left stern platform with retractable ladder, the right stern platform, the cross-linked polyethylene gasoline tank, and the electric panel.

Suzuki and Formenti have thus combined their technological know-how to offer an exclusive, state-of-the-art product that bases its features on quality and innovation in their respective fields of application.


Data sheet

  • LOA: 6.80 m
  • B.max: 2.80 m
  • Displacement: 760 kg
  • Places: 12
  • Motorization: 90 HP
Makò 68


Mercury Ocean Runner 420


Small inflatable boat available in three versions of cockpit configuration. Mercury Ocean Runner 420 is a handsome inflatable boat, which can be equipped with tiller steering (Open version), or with a double console with a sporty design, or with a center console defined as comfort and equipped with a double seat.

This pneumatic boat bears a maximum power of 40 horsepower, obviously delivered by Mercury engines, while performance is attractive even in rough water, thanks to its V-shaped hull and tubulars that rest properly on the water, ensuring the best stability.

Among the standard features offered by Mercury is the bow locker, which provides good storage space to keep things tidy on board at all times.


Data sheet

  • LOA: 4.20 m
  • B.max: 1.80 m
  • Places: 6
  • Motorization: 40 hp
Mercury Ocean Runner 420


New Jolly Freedom 590


Responsive, maneuverable, and a pleasure to drive, the Freedom 590 entertains just about everyone, both those at the relaxation and those at the helm. It fits in between the well-known Freedom 530 and 630, bridging the gap between the two models where the abbreviation also indicates length.

The quest for simplicity through the elimination of the superfluous and the yard’s experience are key to the success of this airboat, which develops the layout of the 530 by taking advantage of the extra half meter.

Interesting in the stern is the settee with the backrest that can be folded down to turn into a solarium and double that in the bow, which is also generously sized, while the center dashboard features a protective windshield that is well protected by a sturdy handrail.

The Freedom 590 can be equipped with an outboard engine of up to 150 horsepower. In any case, the dinghy is an excellent companion, offering safety, maneuverability and snappy shooting.


Data sheet

  • LOA: 5.90 m
  • B.max: 2.50 m
  • Displacement: 500 kg
  • Places: 12
  • Max engine: 150 hp
New Jolly Freedom 590




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