This 12 meters yacht is a pocket explorer with very interesting consumption

Turbocraft Silverfin
Turbocraft Silverfin

The new Turbocraft Silverfin is a 12-meter boat like you’ve probably never seen before. The essential line of the superstructure, with an important use of glass, is the result of the collaboration between Turbocraft, Clapot, and Fortabat Design. The hull, designed by Nigel Irens, is seamless from bow to stern and it has taken three years of design and testing. The result? A 12 meters yacht designed to have a good sea, sail a lot and consume little.

Turbocraft Silverfin

The team assembled by John Clapot, owner of the brand, led to the birth of Silverfin. What kind of boat is it? The shipyard defines it as a pocket-size luxury explorer yacht. It is not a fast boat since it reaches a maximum of about 22 knots. The hull of the Silverfin is very thin and long with the advantage of smoother navigation than a normal planing boat. Compared to displacement and semi-displacement boat, instead, it can reach higher cruising speed. Despite this, however, it is also clear its “versatility” as a luxury tender for yachts and large yachts.

Turbocraft Silverfin
Turbocraft Silverfin

On this platform, the boat is able to transform itself and adapt to the needs. There is plenty of space aft, with a large cockpit all open. At the center of the boat, we find the wheelhouse, raised for a 360° view all around and then a lot of space below deck.

With a top speed just over 20 knots, the Silverfin has 400 nautical miles of autonomy at cruising speed, between 12 and 15 knots. In essence, the shipyard wanted to create a motorboat with a hull faster than a cruising displacement and more stable than a planing one.

All info about

Boat technical board: Turbocraft Silverfin

  • Composite structure : Infused glass fiber and epoxy
  • LOA: 11.99 meters (excl. swim platform)
  • B.max: 3.30 meters
  • Draft: 0.90 meters
  • Light ship: 4.5 4t
  • Full Load: 6 t
  • Engine: VOLVO PENTA D3-220 (162 KW)
  • Engine option: VOLVO PENTA D4-230 (162 KW)
  • Bow Thruster: Side Power (6kW)
  • Fuel tanks: 2x 250 L.
  • Range at cruising speed: over 400 miles
  • Cruising speed:11-14 knots
  • Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 11-15L per hour
  • Fresh water tank: 1 x 300 L.
  • Grey water: 1 x 50 L.
  • Hot Boiler: 40 L.
  • Certification: Swiss Lloyd B certification

Buehler Turbocraft

The brand, now owned by entrepreneur John Clapot, has a very important background. It was in the sixties when the Turbocraft brand had a great development. From the U.S. Intelligence to Jackie Kennedy, those who wanted these boats knew they were dealing with powerful and technologically advanced equipment. Among the first to use the hydro jet, the Buehler Turbocraft boats are also in the history of cinema. In the famous film Agent 007 – Thunderball (Operation Thunder) directed in 1965 by Terence Young, Sean Connery, or rather James Bond, uses a 19-foot Turbocraft in many scenes of the film.

sean connery Buehler Turbocraft
Photo courtesy: Buehler Turbocraft




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