Tuccoli launches a new 21′ Fisherman for all budgets

tuccoli t210 vm
Tuccoli T210 VM

The new Tuccoli T 210 VM is a fisherman of 6.80 meters that comes from the flagship of Tuccoli, the Tuccoli T250 VM (read the article here). In his compact size, it is 100% designed for fishing.

Tuccoli T210 VM, the new Tuccoli fishing boat

The Tuscan shipyard has created a fishing boat for all budgets. Let’s take a look at the price in a moment. Now let’s focus on the structure. The central bench has inside it a space for the sports equipment box.

On the deck, on not even seven meters, nine lockers are arranged. Aft, there is a livewell whose closure represents a convenient work surface. At the stern, there will be a shower, but it is possible to add an optional one.

Thanks to the work done with Marco Volpi, the fishing champion who has been collaborating with the shipyard for a long time, a layout has been conceived that allows the owner and the sailors to concentrate solely on fishing. Despite the small size, the new Tuccoli T210 VM is perfect to face the Mediterranean in all conditions.

Tuccoli T210 VM: dimensions and engines

The new arrival in Tuccoli’s shipyard has an overall length of 6.80 meters and a width of 2.55 meters. All this is contained in a weight of 1800 kg. In spite of its small size, the floor area is 13.5 square meters, suitable not only for fishing but also for an afternoon of relaxation at anchor.

The Tuccoli T210 VM has an outboard engine from 140 hp up to 250 hp. In the most extreme version, the T210VM has a cruising speed between 25 and 27 knots, while the maximum is around 43 knots. In accordance with its size and top speed, the deadrise angle has been set at 20 degrees.

The hull is made of laminate, with variable thicknesses ranging from 8 mm on the side to 15 mm on the keel. The whole has been reinforced with a partially counter-molded structural spider. The vessel’s construction is hand layered vinyl ester and polyester. While the deck is designed “sandwich”. The core is 15 mm PVC with a density of 60 kg per cubic meter. The thicknesses are variable and are between 20 and 25 mm.

Price: Tuccoli T210 VM

How much does it cost to become an owner of the new Tuccoli T210 VM? The basic price (Hard Top version) is 37,000 € + VAT. At this moment there is an offer for the first owners. It an important discount (around 24%) that brings the request to 28,652 € + VAT. Click here to contact the shipyard

Tuccoli T210VM Specification

  • LOA: 6.80 m
  • B.max: 2.55 m
  • Draft: 0.40 m
  • Weight 1,800 kg
  • Water: 40 l
  • Fuel: 250 L
  • Engine: 250 Hp
  • Category CE: C
  • People: 5
  • www.tuccolifishingboats.com



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