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Regala o regalati un abbonamento a Barche a Motore cartaceo + digitale e a soli 39 euro l’anno hai la rivista a casa e in più la leggi su PC, smartphone e tablet. Con un mare di vantaggi.

Boat phenomenon in management

The right boat for the summer must be spacious on deck, with a nice sundeck to lie down, a cockpit where you can eat and be comfortable aft, with a lot of horses under the grille not to get bored. And let’s not forget the cabin, even the small one, for when you stay one night out, in the port or in the roadstead. All this without spending an exaggeration. We had these characteristics in mind when we thought of this review with eight models under 200 thousand euros. The prices indicate the boat already motorized to which should be added VAT and the options that interest you. In short, the basis from which to find the right boat.

Invictus Yacht GT280

Basic price: 108.350 €

This model of Invictus, with its 8.9 meters long is the perfect boat for those who love the sea and summer. Designed by the hand of Christian Grande it is the right mix of elegance and sportiness and with the Volvo 350 HP Gasoline engine reaches agelvomente the speed of 38 knots. For nights out, the L-shaped sofa in the cabin can be converted into a bed.

Loa: 8.9 m – B.max: 2.84 – Engine: Volvo V8 350 hp – MerCruiser 3.0 TDI 260 hp

Bavaria S33 HT

Base price: 141.500,00 €

A boat with a Mediterranean look and always current that in 9.61 meters of hull is able to accommodate everything you need for a summer cruise at the top. Agile during the maneuvers and very responsive in acceleration is equipped with a pair of basic MerCruiser diesel 250 horses.

Loa: 10.06 m – B.max: 3.31 m – Engine: MerCruiser 2 x 4.5 L-250-DTS EC

Quicksilver Activ 905 Weekend

Base price: 129.930 € (VAT included)

The “weekend” is the time to relax and have fun. A boat with this name could not be outdone. The stern is designed to climb and descend easily thanks to the comfortable platform (in the inboard version), while at the bow you can tan with the sundeck. With 260 horsepower inboard there is no shortage of fun

Loa: 9.2 meters (inboard) – B.max: 2.98 m – Engine: Mercury 3.0L TDI 260 HP Bravo

Sealine C330

Basic price: 195.950 €

Indoors and outdoors merge in this pure cruiser in boat format. A classy boat with interiors that can accommodate up to 4 beds, in a bright room below deck thanks to the well positioned windows. The engine is inboard and in the standard configuration is a VolvoPenta 330 hp. The maximum speed is about 26 knots.

Loa: 10.31 m – B.max: 3.50 m – Engine: Volvo Penta D6-330EVC Diesel

Jeanneau NC 9

Base price: 146.000,00 €

Strong and squared lines for the smallest of the NC line of the French shipyard. This boat is the compact version of the NC 11 and is characterized by large windows and lots of space inside, this model is offered with Volvo D4 horsepower.

Loa: 9.43 m – B.max: 3.15 m – Engine: Volvo D4 – 260DP (260HP)

Ranieri Next 370 Executive

Boat base price: 155.000€ +40.248€ of engines (195.248 € )

The Next 370, but with more room in the forward cabin. Here is the cruiser version of the flagship of the Calabrian shipyard, ideal for short cruises. Designed for outdoor living, it has two cabins below deck and a double 300 hp engine for fun.

Loa: 11,50 m – Loa: 3,00 m – Engine: 2×300 outboard Suzuki DF300APX

Beneteau Flyer 8.8 Sundeck

Basic price: 87.170 €

A convivial space at the stern, two comfortable sunbeds at the bow and light in the cabin from a large window. What else to ask of this 9-metre outboard from Beneteau, designed as a sports cruise daycruiser. Powered at most by two DF250APXs (250 hp) for a total of 500 hp, fun is also guaranteed. (The price of the engines is also calculated without VAT)

Loa.: 9.00 m – B.max: 2.94 m – Engine: 2×250 outboard DF250APX Suzuki

Hair 32 WA

Basic price: 153.040 €

A 10-metre yacht that relies heavily on the comfort and quality of Cantieri Capelli. Comfortable in navigation and spacious thanks to the outboard motorization, is also appreciated for a bow where there is a single large sundeck. Two Yamaha 2 x F 200 GETX outboard engines aft.

Loa.: 9.70 m – B.max: 3.00 m – Engine: 2×200 outboard Yamaha F 200 GETX



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