TOP 2021 – 3 new rib boats to enjoy the sea

Pirelli 35

The new RIBs are sporty and elegant, offering beach areas, large sunbathing areas and powerful engines. They are suitable for days at sea or as tenders for large yachts.


3 new rib boats for your summer


Anvera 42

Slender, flexible and elegant, the Anvera 42 is the ideal travelling companion for those who want to explore the sea even in its most hidden and less accessible corners. The RIB Anvera 42 offers a beach area of 13 square metres, with typical terraces. Carbon fibre prevails, from the characteristic air intake on the roof to the bollards.


LOA: 12.90 m – B.max: 4.12 m – B.max full open: 4.85 m – INFO:

Anvera 42

Look HERE the Anvera 42


Zodiac Medline 6.8

The spotlight is on the new Zodiac Medline 6.8, a mid-size Zodiac inflatable boat that aims to capture an important slice of the market. It has an aft lounge that can be converted into a relaxation area and accommodates up to 10 seats and 14 people on board in maximum comfort. It is designed to have a bow and stern that can be fully customised in design and structure. The aft bench converts into a large sundeck, while the driver’s seat can accommodate 2 or 3 people with a very ergonomic seating position while sailing.


LOA: 6.88 m – 2.54 m – Tube: 0.57 m – Compartments: 5 – Passengers: 14 – INFO:

Zodiac Medline 6.8

Look HERE the Zodiac Medline 6.8


Pirelli 35

This inflatable boat is the latest from Tecnorib and was created by the Swedish Mannerfelt Design Team, who specialise in racing hulls. It has the characteristics of a stylish and fast walkaround, without forgetting comfort.  Safety and adrenaline are guaranteed by the double-step hull. The Pirelli 35 is a sporty and elegant dinghy, suitable for going for a swim at full speed, but also as a support boat for a large yacht. A mix of performance and elegance that in both outboard and inboard versions is able to ensure top performance.


LOA: 11.10 m – 3.80 m – Tube: 58 cm – 40 cm – Compartments: 6 – INFO:

Pirelli 35

Look HERE the Pirelli 35



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