TOP 2021 – 3 new boats of 9-10 metres, small and distinctive

Dromeas D28 WA

When the boat is small, space becomes precious. Here are three new 9-10 metre boats that feature original and innovative solutions for more space and top performance with outboards.

3 new highly distinctive 9-10 metre boats


Galeon 325 GTO

The 325 GTO is the first outboard boat from the Polish shipyard Galeon. Its salient feature is that it has a stern available in several versions. The first, classic, is the one with the stern all open and the outboards in the middle. The second is Tony Castro’s “Polish-style” stern, which allows the area above the outboards to be used as a sundeck and the stern bulwarks to be opened. The boat is therefore closed and secure when sailing, but ready to open up like a butterfly as soon as you get to the roadstead.


LOA: 9.99 m – B.max: 3.34 m – Engine: max 2×336 – Passengers: 10 – INFO:

Galeon 325 GTO Fuoribordo
Galeon 325 GTO

Look HERE the Galeon 325 GTO


Dromeas D28 WA

It is the affordable walkaround in the interesting and dynamic boat segment. The Dromeas D28 WA is a walkaround with a deep-V double-step hull designed by Adam Younger. It is possible to install one or two outboards with which the boat can reach a speed of over 50 knots, with cruising at over 30 knots. The forward cabin can accommodate two people. From fishing to cruising, this walk-around is meant to be fast and comfortable on sea days or maybe outings and weekends.


LOA: 8.35 m – B.max: 2.60 m – Draft: 0.45 m – Passengers: 7–9 – Cabins: 1 – Berths: 2 – Max speed range: 30–50 kts – Engine (outboard): 200–400 HP – INFO:

Dromeas D28 WA

Look HERE the Dromeas D28 WA


Saxdor 320 GTO

Innovative and ahead of its time, the Saxdor 320 GTO with T-top and walkaround deck is the first boat in the series, to be followed by two different deck variants. All three versions share an exquisite design and outboards for top performance. Maximum power will be two 300 HP Mercury engines, with which the Saxdor 320 will reach a top speed of well over 50 knots with an optimum cruising range of 20 to 40 knots.


LOA: 10.28 – B.max: 3.10 – Passengers: 8 – Engine max: 600 HP – INFO:

Saxdor 320 GTO

Look HERE the Saxdor 320 GTO



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