TOP 2019: 6 unmissable boats of 14 meters

Continue our review TOP 2019 on the best of motor boats presented or updated during this year. Here is the best of the motor boats 14 meters.

Boats, with these 14 meters you are at the top

PRESTIGE 460 S – 14.29 m

Sporty without sacrificing cruising comfort. The sunroof and the large window in the stern allow you to enjoy a coupé as it was an open.


SOLARIS POWER 48 Open – 14.35 m

A jaw-dropping open walk-around. Designed to sail under any conditions, she can sail at low speed with displacement hull or run at full power at over 35 knots. The cockpit is a real lounge with openign topsides.

GREENLINE 45 Fly – 14.43 m

Superyacht interior design and spaces on deck to sell. The Fly 45 is available with hybrid technology H-Drive, where you can choose from between electric and diesel engines.



She made his debut in Miami and was immediately a success. The hull is performing, with the possibility to have four outboards and a lot of space on board. Ideal as a day cruiser, super tender but also available in a fishing and diving version for the most demanding clients. In the cockpit, bulwarks are openable and, when at anchor, she can’t go unnoticed with her elegance.

Divergence 45, the Ocean Alexander Sea Spider 124
Divergence 45, the Ocean Alexander Sea Spider 124


WALLY 48 Wallytender – 14.50 m

Befoure touching water, three units of the new Wally 14-meter model have been sold. Appealing and fascinating, the 48 Wallytender features a great attention to details, twin Volvo Penta Ips 960HP engines and a total speed of 38 knots.

Wallytender 48
Wallytender 48

AZIMUT ATLANTIS 45 – 14,60 m

The new Azimut open model is the Atlantis 45. After the success of the 43, this model is in line with the new Azimut style with vertical bow and large sidewall windows. Powered by two 435 hp Volvo IPS engines, she can reach a top speed of 33 knots.

Azimut Atlantis 45
Azimut Atlantis 45

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