TOP 2019: here are 7 unmissable boats from 9 to 10 meters

We are at the Cannes Yachting Festival, where we are seeing all the best of the motor boats of 2019 and many that will arrive in 2020. Here are the top seven from 9 to 10 meters (and a half).

JOKER BOAT Clubman 30 – 9,50 m

Is the latest addition to the Clubman range. Classic design, it has a versatile cockpit with spaces to sell.

Joker Boats Clubman 30

AXOPAR BRABUS Shadow 500 – 9,53 m

Available in the standard or limited edition version as in the picture. Only some aesthetic details change. The hull is highly performing and safe at sea.


ZAR FORMENTI Zar 95 SL – 9,60 m

The flagship of Zar Formenti’s Sport Luxury range is characterized by a pronounced bow and the typical lines of the yard. Attention to the smallest details hides a sporty soul. Twin outboards deliver a top speed of 54 knots.

Zar Formenti 95 SL
Zar Formenti 95 SL

FRAUSCHER 1017 GT AIR – 9,99 m

A pure and fascinating 10-meter open boat. Unmistakable design and central steering console for space optimization make her a stylish day cruiser.


ONDA TENDERS Onda 331 GT – 10 m

The new Onda tender for maxi yachts is completely customizable. 10 meters long, she is also an excellent day cruiser. Very light thanks to the use of composite materials, she reaches over 60 knots.

Onda Tende 331 GT
Onda Tende 331 GT

SEALINE C330V – 10,31 m

The C line, too, chooses outboard engines and the C330V is presented with dual motorization for a top speed of 40 knots. With a basic price of around 159 thousand euros, she is one among the best 10-meter models with excellent value for money.

Sealine C330v
Sealine C330v

JEANNEAU Merry Fisher 1095 Fly – 10,45 m

After the great success of the Coupe version, a new flybridge-equipped version is coming. Fitted with outboard engine package, this cruiser is characterized by an excellent value for money.

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 Fly
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 Fly



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