This small generator can power a refrigerator for 5 hours


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AC60 Generator - Bluetti
AC60 Generator – Bluetti

Who said that if I have a small dinghy or a boat that is a few years old, I can’t use a hair dryer? What if I want to cook a steak on the electric grill? Some boats do not have the required power to power particularly energy-intensive utilities, but thanks to an additional generator, it is possible to do so. The Ac60 generator developed by Bluetti is an excellent solution, even as an emergency system to be activated if you run out of power.

AC60 – The generator that powers a hair dryer

The system developed by Bluetti stands as an alternative, enhancement or backup to the battery power system already on board for services. On some boats (smaller or older) it can become the only power system; on other boats it can be used in case of very energy-intensive needs (e.g., hair dryer). The use that everyone agrees on is the “backup” use. In fact, the generator can operate in UPS mode and activate, with a simple plug-and-play, in case of power outages or voltage drops. In this way, the proper functioning of all essential devices can be ensured. It is compact and all in all lightweight (290x205x234 mm for 9.1 kg in weight) and produces noise emissions that do not exceed 45 db. AC60 has at its core a 600W inverter and a 403h lithium battery that can be recharged connected to the power grid in as little as an hour from 0 to 100, or by employing solar panels up to 200W of power. With its power and seven outputs (2 AC outlets, 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, 1 DC 12V outlet, and 1 wireless charging pad) the generator powers devices requiring up to 1,200W of power, can charge a smartphone 21 times, power a refrigerator for 5 hours, and allow a light to illuminate for 21 hours. When operating in Power Lifting mode, it can also power energy-hungry devices such as hair dryers, coffee machines or electric grills. There is also a simple app that keeps track of generator consumption and allows you to adjust the power output. AC60 uses LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate chemistry, resists dust and splash (IP65 protection) and is covered by a 6-year extended warranty.

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Con questo dissalatore hai 25 litri di acqua dolce all’ora senza generatore

B80 Bluetti – A battery to enhance the system.

Is the generator not enough to meet your needs? No problem, Bluetti has thought of this possibility as well. You can upgrade the AC60 generator by putting it in system with the B80 battery, increasing the total capacity to 2,015 Wh (by combining the generator with two batteries). The battery is the same size as the generator, weighs 9.88 kg and has a capacity of 806 Wh; if desired, it can also be used itself as a stand-alone power source for appliances thanks to its three DC ports: a USB-A, a USB-C and a cigarette lighter socket. A few examples: it charges a smartphone up to 43 times, a computer up to 10 times, and keeps a light on for over 60 hours. When discharged, the battery can be recharged through an AC adapter, using solar panels, or directly through the AC60 generator. The battery, like the generator, also uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry with LiFePO4 technology, has IP65 certification against dust and splashes, and is covered by a 6-year extended warranty. It is also equipped with a convenient handle, which is very useful for moving the battery to different areas of the boat, or from the tender to the boat and vice versa.



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