SPX Rib: the Made in Sicily inflatable boats (7 to 13 m)


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The shipbuilding industry related to the world of inflatable boats and maxi-dinghies in Italy has its world epicenter. They range from world-famous brands to younger, but equally interesting brands.

At the Genoa Boat Show, we met Danilo Ciulla of Spx Rib, a young Sicilian shipyard (he was born 5 years ago) that specializes in making high-performance, fully customizable and value-for-money inflatable boats.

As Danilo tells us, “We wanted to create a style that was different from the competition, taking a cue from the automotive world, which is also where I come from. Our customers don’t buy an inflatable boat just to go to the beach, but also because it is fashionable and has style.”

Despite the young age,
Spx Rib
boasts of good success not only in Europe, but also abroad. His target markets are Australia, Turkey and the United States, where, thanks in part to a presence at 21 international trade shows, he has managed to establish a good network of dealers.

Spx 24: entry level nautical camping at 70 knots

The first inflatable boat produced by Spx Rib was a 24-footer (7.5 meters). This inflatable boat is available in two versions. The Sport version, with a large aft sundeck under which a large storage locker is concealed, and the Dinette version, which is in high demand in the European and Italian markets and can also be used for nautical camping, thanks to a stern locker that converts into a berth for two. In fact, all the lockers, including the one under the sundeck, are counter-molded, a feature that denotes the quality of the shipyard.

Aft, under the sundeck, a double cabin can be obtained
Aft, under the sundeck, a double cabin can be obtained

Aft are two side decks, with two ladders and two showers. A sink and refrigerator are concealed under the helm seat, while the console hides a small dressing room with bathroom (standard on the sport version).

Spx 24 mounts a 200-horsepower as the minimum engine, while the maximum is the 450-horsepower Mercury. It is rated to carry 14 people and can reach a maximum speed of 70 knots. Definitely an out-of-the-ordinary hull with “off-the-shelf” performance.

SPX Rib SPX 24
SPX 24 – Fairing
SPX 24 – Data Sheet
Length f.t. 7.48 m
Width 2.8 m
Displacement 950 kg
Max/Min/Cons Power 300/150/200 hp
Sleeping places 2
Passengers 14
Design Arch. Paolo Savoca
Design category B

Spx 32: larger and with windows in the hull

Last year at the Genoa Boat Show a 32-footer (9.95 meters) was also added to the Spx Rib line. This inflatable boat, is a larger version of the 24-footer, with which it shares modern, eye-catching styling. At the stern is large sundeck (up to 2.20 meters wide and 2.10 meters long) with two side passages that can be covered with removable cushions. The seat, as with the 24-footer, conceals a sink, refrigerator and a stove. Despite some very sleek hull lines, below deck there is a cabin with a height of 1.80 meters and two side windows in the hull that are quite large and bright.

If you want, there is the possibility of having a second aft cabin in the locker under the sundeck, as on the 24-footer, here you can make a 1.90-by-1.65-foot cabin and have 4 beds on board. Spx 32’s bathroom is exposed, so as not to lose space on board and have a larger cabin. The dinghy is approved for the pair of 450-horsepower Mercury engines and can carry up to 16 people.

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Spx 38, the maxi rib

Completing the Spx 38 line is a maxi rib that has the distinction of being one of the few vessels to mount a 450-horsepower triple. An important, quality vehicle that requires a lot of work, in fact, Danilo tells us, it took two months of construction to set up.

SPX Rib inflatables

The hull is wide, the maximum beam is 3.85 meters inflated (2.99 meters deflated, so exceptional transport but no escort). Its particularly straight hull lines, even down to the steering console, mean that even amidships, where the console occupies 1.80 meters in width, there are wide and comfortable side passages.

This dinghy is considered a 4+2 because, as on the 24 and 32, in addition to the double forward cabin, two more berths can be had under the aft sundeck locker. There is a separate bathroom in the bow.

SPX 38 – Data Sheet
Length f.t. 11.7 m
Width 3.85 m
Displacement 3150 kg
Max/Min/Cons Power 600-1350 hp
Sleeping places 4 + 2
Passengers 18
Design Arch. Paolo Savoca
Design category B

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