Patrone 100 (10 m) is pure fascination. The test of a true modern gozzo


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Patrone P100
Patrone P100

A test of the Patrone 100, anniversary model of the historic Ligurian shipyard.

How to bring tradition and innovation together? The strength of the past with the will to invent? Patrone 100 seems to be able to give a good answer to these questions. Indeed, the Ligurian shipyard has reached its 100th birthday and has decided to celebrate it with a clever revival of the symbol of its history, the Ligurian gozzo. He did this in collaboration with Tommaso Spadolini, who found the right way to the meeting point of yesterday and tomorrow.

Patrone 100

In fact, Patrone 100 is a vessel, homologated at 9.9 in length, that recovers all the classic stylistic features of the most classic of goiters, but reinterpreting them in a modern key, based on the demands of today’s boat owners. “The first challenge,” Piermichele Moreno explained to us, “was to obtain true interior habitability, with generous heights and volumes, which is unheard of for our goiters.

Patrone P100
Patrone P100

On the other hand, the second major objective was to give the boat a very strong appeal, to recall, in form and décor, the golden age of the shipyard and of Italian yachting, the 1960s.” Working on the best exploitation of every useful inch, and with elegant and cultured references to the Dolce Vita era, Tommaso Spadolini and the Shipyard solved both conundrums, producing a decidedly intriguing boat.

Patrone 100 – Indoor and outdoor

On the deck, at the center of it all, is the pilot’s station. There are two comfortable and adjustable seats, separated by a teak armrest. Folding them over reveals a functional small outdoor kitchen area with double burners, sink and cutting board shelf. Two tiers of steps on either side of it lead to the large bow sundeck, a fittingly barycentric design element for a true Mediterranean day cruiser.


Patrone P100

The cockpit, in its oval plan, nicely echoes the classic forms of the goiter stern, and on four sides it has as many benches in the center of which a center table can be mounted. Very convenient access to the large bridge is provided by the two side passages, protected by two gates in the crowning. The entire aft area is protected by a T-Top that has a glazed central part, a clever solution that protects from sun and lee, but still provides brightness and a pleasant feeling of spaciousness.

Interior and below decks

Similar perception is had by going below deck. The test boat was outfitted in the one-cabin version, with a large master stateroom in the bow, a bathroom, and a dinette at the foot of the ladder leading to the deck.

Patron Dinette P100

The heights are impressive everywhere, touching 190 cm, and there is really a lot of room to move around: in the bow, the cabin has a double peninsula bed and plenty of volume to stow luggage and clothes, while the bathroom with separate shower stall running along the port broadside is almost overkill, with dimensions of a boat two meters longer. Of note is certainly the attention to detail and finish, as well as the refined choice of colors and materials, starting with Loropiana Interiors fabrics. The shipyard also offers a version with a second small cabin that goes to “steal” space from this very room.

Patrone P100 Cabin


In the engine room, the Patrone 100 we tested was fitted with two VM engines of 300 hp and 4.2 liters of cubic capacity each, with a traditional inline transmission. Overall, there was plenty of power available, considering the total displacement from less than nine tons. The top speed is far from that of an ancient fishing boat, and instead meets the demands of today’s market. Pushed to its maximum, it barely exceeds 30 knots. As always, however, for a boat that was created for family and quiet summer vacationing, this is a much less interesting figure than the cruising regime, where the engine works most of the time. For the Patrone 100, the fast cruising speed is about 3,200 rpm, and thus 25 knots, while the economic cruising speed is 15/16 knots. As early as 12/13, however, for those who want to fully enjoy the taste of old-fashioned goiters, the boat comes out of displacement to settle into a pleasant and very quiet pace.

Article by Lorenzo Combe

Technical Specs

Length f.t. LOA 11 m
Beam width 9.9 m
Draught Draught 3.3 m
Displacement. Vacuum Dry displacement 0.85 m
Displacement. at full full displacement 8,700 kg
Serb. Water Water tank 1.200 l
Serb. fuel Fuel tank 1.500 l
Engine Engines 2 x VM 300hp
Vel. max (knots) Max speed (kt) 30 kn
Vel. croc. (nodes) Cruis. speed (kt) 25 kn
Cabins Cabins 1
Berths 2
Design Tommaso Spadolini

Navigation and consumption board: Patrone 100

SPEED in knots* RPM
4,4 850
6 1000
7,1 1200
8 1400
8,8 1600
9,7 1800
11,2 2000
14 2200
16,3 2400
19,7 2600
21,2 2800
23,2 3000
25,1 3200
27,2 3400
30 3800


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