The open boat (9m) with marble on deck: Invictus GT320 Versilys


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Invictus GT320 Versilys
Invictus GT320 Versilys

In the context of recreational boating, small and nimble Opens chase increasingly refined and refined solutions. Marble, however, is not exactly the first element one imagines when thinking of this category. Until now, because with theInvictus GT320 Versilys (9m) changes everything.

Invictus GT320 Versilys

In fact, Invictus proposes a novel approach: marble deck and furniture accessories for its classic
(Open 9m). An approach that might seem irreconcilable-boat, sea, and marble-but instead adds only 70 kilos to the overall weight, for unchanged performance and a new


INVICTUS GT320 Versilys - Profile
INVICTUS GT320 Versilys – Profile

Invictus GT320 Versilys – Blanket and Details

In addition to covering the walkable deck surfaces, such as the aft platform, the thin slabs of Versilys marble (treated non-slip), also embellish and decorate the interior of this innovative Open. In fact, marble is also used in many details of furniture accessories, such as the top of the Kitchenette Or the bathroom sink and its related top. All to give the GT320 Versilys. a sophisticated, almost sculptural look, to which the new Titanium cushions and ‘Attack Grey’ color scheme, match beautifully. A new look in short, a combination of typical nautical charm and dynamism, and details of a Classical-inspired flavor.

Invictus GT320 Versilys - Stern Terrace
Invictus GT320 Versilys – Stern Terrace

Invictus GT320 Versilys – Looks and Technologies

Son of the Invictus Yacht’s collaboration with Henraux (a leading marble company in the Apuan Alps), l’Invictus GT320 Versilys invites us to imagine a nautical that knows how to integrate contrasts, transforming them into fine details. And the same goes for the technologies employed. Indeed, it appears quite incredible the minimal weight gain, only about 70 pounds. But this too is the result of special attention, not only in the workmanship of the marble slabs, which are very thin, but also in the other construction elements. In fact, carbon is another key player, lightening the overall structures, such as the hard top and the aft awning support poles. A radical focus that provides a truly insignificant weight change and, thanks in part to the twin Volvo Penta V8 350-horsepower (2x350hp) engines, offers combinations of comfort, style and performance that are truly unprecedented .

Invictus GT320 Versilys - Cushions
Invictus GT320 Versilys – Cushions

We can only imagine that, with this authentically flavored, classic exploit, Invictus can only bring more surprises. While the development of the technology and its applications is indeed only in its first use, however, the shipyard has initiated further studies so that it can be further developed on its boats. And as also resonates in the words of Christian Grande (Chief Designer Invictus), a window is opening for boating in which even seemingly irreconcilable things offer fruit and hope, not only unexpected, but workable and welcome.

Invictus GT320 Versilys - Sea and Marble
Invictus GT320 Versilys – Sea and Marble


For more information, visit Invictus Yacht‘s website.


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