The Nerea Yacht 24 doesn’t look at fashions, but it’s very current: here’s why


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Nerea Yacht 24
Nerea Yacht 24

Small, functional and super sophisticated. Nerea 24 Deluxe declines high standards in small dimensions. That is why both experienced and first-time owners like it.

Nerea Yacht 24: small, elegant, versatile

In the boating world, when a trend starts to make its way into the market, it is hard to ignore it. The reason is quickly stated: shipowners want novelty. Today there are folding bulwarks, vertical bows, and outboards dotting the stern of thousands of new boats, and the search for the right boat to be “the latest thing” moves a great many boaters into rather definite channels. And it is not always a matter of form or function. Yet not everyone thinks this way. One example is Nerea Yacht, a young shipyard founded by entrepreneur Dario Messina. It takes courage to create a boat immune to fashionable influences, but that is precisely the starting point, and also the strength, of Nerea Yacht’s NY24 project.

“I would start from a fundamental concept,” Dario Messina tells us. trends pass, elegance remains. I thought of an all-Italian design. Love and taste for creating a unique product. High standards are, precisely, the basis of the Nerea idea, a product with attention to every detail that can arouse emotions in those who, like me, have a passion for boating. The small size was dictated by the desire to choose a specific segment in order to enter the market with a niche product devoted to the highest all-around quality, thus both aesthetic, functional, and performance. Therefore, this type of boat would suit both those who are looking for their first boat and owners of larger units who are looking for something more practical and versatile, but without compromising on quality and elegance.”

Dario Messina, founder of Nerea Yacht
Dario Messina, founder of Nerea Yacht


Nerea Yacht 24: a small, but highly sought-after open

The Nerea Yacht 24 was designed in different types, depending on the type of customer. The day cruiser version is divided into GT and Deluxe, which start from the same base and then differ in configuration. The Deluxe could be described as a “full option,” equipped as standard with a more powerful engine and a number of accessories that make it very refined, such as teak on the deck and a full audio-video system. A third version is also available, namely the Limo, but it has a completely different layout on deck and, as the name suggests, is a limo tender for villas and large yachts.

Nerea Yacht 24

Let us focus on the most comprehensive model: the NY24 Deluxe. The most beautiful part to experience is definitely the area in the middle of the boat. Among the various standard features of this version, a comfortable convertible dinette has been designed for this area, where the fold-down table allows the relaxation area to be enlarged by increasing the sundeck area already available aft. The cockpit, which can be equipped with drawer refrigerators, concealed sink, and stove top, is ideal for enjoying sea days well into the evening. It is also interesting to note how the harmonious lines of these two versions also conceal an important underdeck space, with a large storage sofa-transformable into a double bed if necessary-retractable toilet compartment, a very cozy environment to ensure a comfortable stay on board throughout the day and, if desired, even at night.

Nerea Yacht 24 Deluxe

A boat with the spirit of the Nerea 24 Deluxe is born to be unique. Each owner has, therefore, an almost infinite margin of choice, with the exception of structural parts, to put his or her own stamp on what will become his or her little jewel from woods to leathers and fabrics. With these characteristics, the Nerea 24 Deluxe has all the credentials to play it big in the international market as well, keeping its Mediterranean and, above all, Italian beauty intact. “We have been in the market for just over a year and are working to expand our sales network. In the future, we will not disdain to expand overseas as well, using reliable partners who can represent and convey the quality values and philosophy behind our company.” Meanwhile, a new boat is also being worked on at the shipyard. “We would be fools if this were not the case,” says Dario Messina, “and we are actually working on a larger model, to expand our offerings and enrich our range.


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