The fantastic six, here 6 of the most powerful outboards on the market

barche a motore fuoribordo

“Power is nothing without control”: launched by Pirelli some years ago, this slogan is still popular today. And power is exactly the element which we are going to focus on in the following review that lists the six most powerful outboards currently available on the market. All these engines are easy to control thanks to the astonishing process of electronics. Furthermore, thanks to their power, outboards are becoming increasingly more popular and can be found even on open boats and big RIBs up to 15 meters in length. Why? The reason is clear: to use one of these outboards allows not only to improve performances but also to spare space on board. As you can see in the picture alongside, access to the sea, too, is no longer a problem: despite the presence of outboards, indeed, more and more boats offer wide comfortable side bathing platforms from which passengers can dive without any problems.


The DF350A is the most powerful Suzuki has built to date and, above all, is the top of the outboard line in terms of technology, cutting-edge mechanics, design and user-friendly management. Like other models, the DF350A, too, features the Variable Valve Timing technology for better acceleration.

da/from: 33.500  €

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The Blue Whale is an extraordinary outboard with interesting performances. With a displacement of 3,352 c3, this V6 4-stroke is the most advanced model of its category. It is equipped with LAN digital tools and can be interfaced with electronic equipment with NMEA 0183 protocol.  The Blue Whale weights 278 kg and features a 3-blade propeller with built-in Silent-block.

da/from: 20.549  €

barche a motore evinrude


Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines are designed to ensure user-friendly navigation. Direct fuel injection optimizes fuel supply within the cylinder and the removal of used fuel, creating the most efficient engine currently available on the market.  The Pure Power Combustion technology ensures a significant reduction in emission levels.

da/from: 24.699  €

Yamaha_V8 XTO barche a motoreYAMAHA V8 XTO 425 cv

The new Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore arrives in Italy just in time to be presented at the next Genoa International Boat Show. This 5.6 liter engine features powerful thrust and 425 horsepower. Available in the new elegant white pearl guise (in addition to the classic Yamaha grey) this engine guarantees great performances at sea and is the only one 4-stroke outboard to use direct fuel injection technology.

da/from: n.d.

motore mercury barche a motore


The new Pro XS V8 300hp outboards represent a new frontier in terms of sporty design and nautical performances. Equipped with the new compact grill designed by Mercury, they feature extraordinary acceleration thanks to their Dual Overhead Cam,  Transient Spark technology and the innovative Adaptive Speed Control system.

da/from: n.d.

barche a motore honda


The new range of V6 outboards by the Japanese brand is one of the latest on the market. The BF250 is the most powerful model of the line. Thanks to a new aerodynamic design, 183.9 kW power, 3.583 c3 displacement and direct air intake, this outboard guarantees great efficiency and extraordinary performances at sea.

da/from: n.d.



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