The most powerful among low-powered engines


Here are the 40HP outboards. With less than 1,000 cc, they deliver good speed and low consumption. Italian yachtsmen like 40HP outboards because most of them do not require a boating license. They are particularly appreciated by those who rent dayboats, for example. According to the current law, it is sufficient that they have a displacement of less than 1000 cc, if four-stroke, or 750 cc, if two-stroke. In any case, they offer interesting top speeds thanks to their reduced displacement.

The following is a selection of what the major manufacturers offer on the market today. Weight and other characteristics may vary depending on the selected shaft.

Suzuki DF 40 A ARI

It is named after the Chinese term “Ari” which means “ant”, the animal that manages to carry 30 times its weight. The thermal unit is derived from the more powerful DF60AV with which it shares the cubic volume, 941 cc, and the three-cylinder architecture. Compared to four-cylinder models, it is lighter and more compact.

Honda BF 40 D

Three-cylinder architecture to limit dimensions, PGM-Fi electronic injection and BLAST system that, anticipating the ignition phase, allows to control the fuel delivery reducing consumption, using all the available power.
The BF40E version, 998 cc and 40 hp in promotion until 31 March 2020, can also be used without a licence in Italy.


Mercury F40 PRO



It is the most powerful version of the 40 horses offered by the American company that combines three and four-cylinder engines in recreational or professional versions. Performance is significnatly improve and the torque is kept low to provide instant acceleration from low speeds.


Selva Murena 40 XSR

It is the smallest of the XSR range and the most performing model ever built by the Italian company. Equipped with four valves for each of the four cylinders. Like all Selva engines, it takes advantage of the five-year warranty for recreational use.


Evinrude E40

They differ from the rest of the market with two main features. Architecture with only two cylinders and two-stroke operating cycle (in the tank, however, only petrol is used and not a mixture) with E-TEC direct fuel injection. Available in two colors: white or graphite.


Tohatsu MFS 40 ETL

It is the lightest 40HP four-stroke engine currently available in the market. The engine speed can be adjusted on 4 levels from 950 to 650 rpm (100 rpm level) by simply pressing the ignition key.


Yamaha F 40F



Yamaha offers two lines. This one features the smallest displacement and the lightest weigth. Flanked by 996 cc models, but up to 20 kg heavier. Equipped with Prime start system for an easy start and Power Trim and Tilt for a wider range of trim settings.




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