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Raymarine's Axiom 2 Pro RVM - Menu
Raymarine’s Axiom 2 Pro RVM – Menu

British company Raymarine has unveiled new products in its line of on-board electronics with fishing-specific instruments. At the heart of Raymarine‘s new ecosystem, which we were able to get a hands-on feel for, are the latest generation of displays
Axiom 2 Pro
, which retain the same footprint as the previous model (and the same sizes: 9, 12, 16 inches) but gain a number of important innovations. First of all, inside the new multifunction chartplotters we find a powerful 6-core processor, which makes the instrument gain speed even when it has to handle several processes simultaneously. On the hardware side we find a whole new look and feel. with the keyboard accompanying the touchscreen in two different variations. The first variant is the one with programmable shortcut keys dedicated to specific functions, such as the Waypoint, while the second variant allows the autopilot to be controlled from the keyboard, with much greater accuracy than the touchscreen. This feature meets the needs of fishermen, who often have to handle the screen with dirty or wet hands and find it more convenient to interact with the physical keypad.

RealVision MAX – The best for finding fish

The Axiom 2 Pro RVM
(RealVision MAX) is equipped with specific technologies to improve fish finding and image resolution on the display. Part of the system is the new RVM-100 transducer, which improves image definition by offering significantly greater sharpness and accuracy thanks to the 600 W power of the new CHIRP placed inside it that allows a range of 400 meters in depth (200 m to detect fish) and about 100 meters in SideVision and RealVision Max 3D. The latter function uses data from DownVision and SideVision to reconstruct the backdrop in three dimensions and get a much more realistic idea about the location of possible targets.

Raymarine's Axiom 2 Pro RVM with new LightHouse cartography
Raymarine’s Axiom 2 Pro RVM with new LightHouse cartography

New Raymarine display – So you always have everything under control, even when fishing

The screen of the new plotter is covered with a film that can repel fluids and water thanks to the nanotechnology of Hydrotough treatment. Brightness is excellent in all conditions (even in the beating sun) and can be adjusted automatically thanks to a built-in sensor. In conclusion, getting back to what lies under the shell of the new displays, the increased internal memory allows for the installation of various applications (including third-party ones) and much better management of mirroring functions to external screens and smartphones, which is also useful for those who want to view Netflix on an on-board TV. Finally, with the latest update, Raymarine’s LightHouse nautical charts cover the entire Mediterranean. Integration with Pagine Azzurre brings port information from Italy, Southern France and Croatia directly to the map, with all services available in the selected port.



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