The Italian high-tech inflatable boat (9.5 meters) with automation systems on board


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Utility Control - Vulkan Marine K-Rib 9.54
Utility Control – Vulkan Marine K-Rib 9.54

Kineton has developed a customized and innovative system that makes “smart” the K-RIb 9.5 by
Vulkan Marine
. The Neapolitan shipyard’s dinghy that debuted in Cannes is equipped with the KYMS (
Yacht Management System), a single platform from which to control all infotainment and home automation functions on board the vessel. Here are what its functions are in detail.

How KMYS works. The “smart” system in the dashboard of the K-Rib 9.5

The solution developed by Kineton for the Vulkan Marine shipyard involves enclosing all infotainment-related controls in a 15.4-inch screen installed on the dashboard of the
K-Rib 9.5
. With its simple and intuitive operation, it is proposed as an alternative to the old control panel, integrating several intelligent functions. From here, all onboard utilities connected to the sensors can be monitored: batteries, fuel, utilities, lighting, bilge pumps, and anchor windlasses. Also from here you can view the anchoring and mooring cameras on a very large display, you can control the bow thruster and also the anchor windlass.

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K-Rib 9.5, a Cannes debutta un nuovo gommone natante di 9.5 metri

In addition to information about the depth of the seabed, the windlass can also be controlled from the KYMS system, keeping the chain length under control at all times. Thanks to artificial intelligence and its combined use with that of cameras, the monitor can also be used to employ the object recognition function, which is useful for preventing and avoiding possible collisions. But it didn’t end there. The entertainment system can be controlled from the display, and in addition to the Bluetooth connection, it allows users to take advantage of applications such as RTL 102.5 and RaiPlay.

All functions available on the smartphone

Home automation from the app - Vulkan Marine K-Rib 9.5
Home automation from the app – Vulkan Marine K-Rib 9.5

The technology implemented on board the
K-RIb 9.5
thanks to Kineton’s KYMS system allows all available functions to be controlled from the smartphone as well. The system is cloud-connected, and therefore reachable via app from the owner’s smartphone. Alerts and notifications can be received from the app in case of anomalies on board, such as water in the bilge, low battery level, or unplanned movements of the moored boat. In addition to these safety functions, you can have complete control over on-board home automation: turn on lights, check the status of utilities and turn them on or off remotely, while keeping an eye on batteries, fuel and engine at all times. Also from the app, one can see what the on-board cameras are framing in real time (without the “recording” function for privacy reasons). The app also allows you to plan routes, estimating the best routes based on fuel, weather conditions, and allows you to receive notifications if there are any anomalies on the route. A very useful function is geofencing. With this option, the owner can set a perimeter around the boat that he considers “safe.” If by chance the boat were to overtake this perimeter, a notification would immediately alert the boat owner on his or her smartphone.



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