The beautiful dark side of a motor boat – PHOTOS

barche a motore sotto

Often the lines, the interiors and in general everything related to the topsides of a boat, that is the part not immersed, are exalted in a boat. But what does a motor boat look like when seen under the surface of the water, perhaps while sailing with four roaring engines pushed to the maximum?

A boat of over 1500 horses at most seen from underwater!

The guys from Boston Whaler show us this and during an event they had the idea of immortalizing their flagship, the Outrage 420, while sailing at full speed, but… from underwater!

The effect is incredible, a mix of power and adrenaline in a series of shots that are not seen every day, because the minimum power of this powerboat are 1200 horsepower, while the maximum are almost 1700 horsepower (1675 horsepower).

barche boston whaler 420 outrage barche a motore sotto barche boston whaler 420 outrage

Anche le barche “grandi” vogliono il fuoribordo

We talked about the fact that even the “big” boats want the outboard and the Boston Whaler Outrage 420 is a prime example. A 13-metre fishing boat that uses four very powerful outboards. Seen from underwater, the effect created by the four trails is really fascinating, as is the shot with the fish around the boat.


Despite the beauty of the shots we absolutely do not recommend to “try it at home”, that is to say to try to do the same with your boat. The photos in this case have been taken by experienced professionals in conditions of total control and safety,  because these are potentially dangerous circumstances and in the worst case, lethal.

Behind the clapperboard

Here are the photos of the team of photographers who immortalized this motorboat while it was sailing.

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Techinical features barca Outrage 420

  • L.O.A: 13.0 m | 42′ 6″
  • Beam: 3.96 m | 13′
  • Draft: 0.79 M | 31″
  • Weight without engine: 9, 979 kg | 22,000 lbs
  • Weight (with engines, fuel and water): 13381 kg | 29,500 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 3,394 kg | 7,482 lbs 
  • Swamped capacity: 1,814 kg | 4,000 lbs
  • Maximum persons capacity: 20
  • Maximum horsepower: 1,675 hp (1,249 kw)
  • Minimum horsepower:1,200 hp (895 kw)



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