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A well-known and worldwide appreciated brand of the Italian boating market since 1978, the year when GPY Marine was founded by Maurizio Granai, today the dealer, the helm of which has been recently joined by the second generation of the family with Maurizio’s son, Giovanni Granai, promotes the innovative Sirena Yachts motorboats in western Italy. With their general headquarters based in the new GPY Point of Marina di Cala de Medici, Maurizio and Giovanni Granai have put all their competence and passion at the service of the boats manufactured by the famous shipyard Sirena Marine, whose production facility is based in Bursa, Turkey.

The ultimate GPY’s entry is the Sirena Yachts brand: what are the main features of these products and why do you have decided to bring them into the Italian market?

“The choice was simple: first of all, because, in a time like that we’re living, a shipyard should be reliable and have a serious well-established long-term project. And Sirena Marine (part of Koc Holding) certainly stands out for that. Construction is 100% in-house, including hull resins, carbon superstructures, teak details and interior upholstery. The absence of third parts makes production chain almost non-existent and results into immediate quality control and a real guarantee for the customer.”

Maurizio e Giovanni Granai

What are the main features of Sirena Yachts’ motorboats and what are the flagship models of the brand today?

“Sirena Marine has been manufacturing motor and sailing boats for some among the world’s major nautical brands for over a decade, with a production of over 200 units. When they decided to build boats on their own, they started to manufacture sailboats under the Euphoria brand. Later, the Sirena Yachts brand was launched with the SY 58 and the SY 64 designed by German Freres in cooperation with interior designer Tommaso Spadolini. The new flagship of the shipyard is scheduled to be launched at Cannes Yachting Festival.

What are the main features of the SY 58 and the SY 64? Why are they suitable for the Italian market?

“First of all, because, today, the so-called “trawlers” represent an increasingly larger share of the European market. Without forgetting that the distinctive element of Sirena Yachts’ boats, in addition to spacious interiors and exteriors, is a range of usage from 10 to almost 30 knots: Sirena boats can therefore sail at both displacing speed, with great fuel efficiency and comfort, and planing speed when you need to travel fast. Moreover, in a market like the Italian one where nautical culture has a long tradition, the customization possibilities offered by Sirena Marine in terms of furniture, accessories and upholstery is highly appreciated”.

Your office at Marina Cala de Medici is entirely dedicated to Sirena Yachts’s products: what’s the reason of this choice and how are things going?

“We’ve decided to provide Sirena Yachts with a special office in order to give customers a reference point where to promote products and offer post-sales assistance. Here, our skilled staff works in close contact with GPY management that, in turn, is connected to the Sirena shipyard in Turkey in order to manage all the activities related to the satisfaction of our customers’ needs. We think that a visit to the shipyard is a plus to appreciate the structure and the extraordinary building quality of our products: this is why you can find the SY 58 and the SY 68 at our office, offered in different layouts. This commercial choice has been successful these years.

Also because, as is always the case since 1978, we think that our work is not limited to sales: GPY Marine constantly aims to become a reference point for any service related to boat management”.

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