Use the tender to moor without the bow thruster

tender mooring


The tender can also be of help in case of mooring with additional difficulties. For example with crosswind. Difficult operation, especially if you do not have support systems such as the bow thruster, or joysticks. Or if you have not read how to moor a motor boat without a joystick. Beyond the lines, though. The moment of dying is known to be one of the most stressful for every yachtsman.
Even more so if external factors intervene to complicate the situation such as, for example, there is a strained crosswind that moves the boat. In which case there is our pram to come to the rescue. In fact, in addition to getting ashore, the main activity of the service boat, or for towing a boat, the tender is perfect for giving that extra “push” that serves to get out of the way.

Use the tender to moor a boat


In the event of a crosswind with respect to the mooring where you want to dock, you can use the tender to help you manoeuvre. Just place its bow against the downwind side of the boat that is mooring. In this odour you can counteract the downpour impressed by the wind on the boat. To remember a shrewdness. To avoid marking the boat, perhaps with the color of the hull of the dinghy, it is good to place a fender between the tender and the side. At this point it will be enough for the person in charge of the dinghy to use the engine to position the boat in a convenient way for mooring. It is important, of course, that the tender has a suitable engine, but to move the boat across, in general, the dinghy on board has enough power. When manoeuvring the dinghy, and also by those who are at the helm of the boat, it is good to remember that if you push the bow… also moves the stern.



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