Technohull 38: an exciting 12m 100-knot RIB

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition
Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition

It’s a recreational RIB with offshore racing performance. It’s called Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super fast Edition and is capable of reaching a thrilling top speed of 100 knots, powered by three Mercury 450R outboards.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast

A 100-knot boat is an interesting project in itself. Technohull is certainly no stranger to boats of this type, however. What’s special about this range is that, despite the extreme speeds, they don’t give up on on-board safety first and luxury second. The new Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition is also a limited edition. Already in themselves, inflatables that develop such performance belong to an exclusive club, reserved for very few units. Add to that teak decks, premium upholstery, customisable colours and bespoke social areas for comfort and the package is complete. To this you can also add underwater lights, bathing ladders and Fusion audio entertainment. In short, a boat for experiencing the sea in total comfort, but which when you push on the throttles, takes you to impressive speeds.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast – Hull and performance

The Greek yard Technohull specifies in the presentation note for this new model that the speed could vary depending on the amount of fuel, people and hull conditions. What is certain is that this RIB is a truly out-of-the-ordinary boat. But how is it possible to combine a 100-knot speed, delivered by three Mercury 450R outboards, with control and stability? It all comes down to the design of the hull, which was created by the designers at Technohull. The patented Dynastream hull is the backbone of this boat. It consists of a deep V and stepped hull (click here and find out more). This cuts through the waves and deflects spray, while the steps form an air cushion under the boat that also helps absorb shocks to the hull. The entry angle and the characteristics of the steps in this limited edition Super Fast are different from the standard Technohull 38. They have been fine-tuned, tailored to motoring with three Mercury 450Rs to give record-breaking performance and speed.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition
Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast Edition

The hull is vacuum infused for optimal resin distribution within the composite layers. Quadraxial carbon is used to give maximum strength and minimum weight. The targeted use of Kevlar provides support at the most stressed points.

As mentioned earlier, the design and shape of the boat has been optimized for three Mercury 450R SM engines. No other options are available in this respect. With its 590-litre fuel tank, this fireball has a range of 100 nautical miles, driven by a combined power of over 1,350 HP.

Technohull 38 Grand Sport Super Fast

  • Lenght: 12.20m
  • Beam : 3.20m
  • Unladen displacement: 3,200 kg
  • Fuel: 590l
  • Water: 100l
  • Engines: 3x Mercury 450R SM



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