The Cleaner by Synteak: clean the boat immediately, without effort and damage.

the cleaner

At Milano Yachting Week -The digital boat show there is a product that solves the problem of boat cleaning. It is called The Cleaner and it is able to clean any surface of the boat and the dinghy. In addition it is certified as 100% biodegradable and therefore does not pollute. You can find it in the Synteak stand.

The Cleaner Synteak: cleans all surfaces

It is called The Cleaner and is able to achieve good results on many surfaces. As showed by the official video,the tester Carlo Luongo has tested it on teak, cushions etc. Another point in his favor is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable and therefore ecological. The formula with which it has been developed is such as to make it harmless (in terms of damage) for surfaces.

The super sponge that increases the cleaning effect

There is also another element that increases the performance of The Cleaner and is a super sponge that increases the cleaning effect. On display at the digital boat show Synteak offers the possibility of being able to buy directly online and get it all home in two/three days.

Learn more about Synteak

Discover how Synteak’s technicians have created the new The Cleaner, the only instant power cleaner on the market, by visiting the product in the stand at Milano Yachting Week by clicking directly here. You will also be able to talk directly with Synteak’s experts via email or whatsapp and, maybe, go see it live by booking an appointment.




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