Suzuki outboard: all the power of the DF200A’s 200 hp


Suzuki DF200a outboard on Invictus
Suzuki DF200a outboard on Invictus

The Suzuki DF200A is a mid-range outboard engine with almost all the features of top-of-the-range models (such as the DF300 and the “giant” DF350A). Thanks to a well distributed torque, also thanks to the large engine capacity (2,867 cc.) this engine is able to “push” effectively from low rpm.

The best seller of Invictus is now with outboards

Suzuki Outboard: DF200A

Having so much power at your disposal right from the start allows you to make energetic accelerations. This also helps the development of the Watergrip propellers recently developed by Suzuki for his outboard propellers, from 150 to 350 horsepower. They are available in 14″, 15″ and 16″ diameters and optimize performance, especially when powering hulls with large displacement and, therefore, even in the case of multiple installations, with two or more outboards.

The Suzuki 200 horsepower outboard DF200 is an in-line four-cylinder with 16 DOHC valves, with overhead camshaft and variable timing system. The VVT already works at 700 rpm and extends its operation up to the maximum limit of rotation, helping to dose the delivery in a timely manner in all load conditions, thus making the most of the high compression ratio, 10.2:1, which brings the engine as a dowry.

suzuki outboard df200a
Suzuki outboard df200a

This Suzuki outboard is offered both in the mechanical version, DF200A, and in the electronic version, DF200AP. The two versions differ in some details and accessories: on the one hand analog and on the other electronic, ranging from “drive by wire” handcuffs to keyless, keyless starting system, borrowed from the automotive sector.

Suzuki outboard technologies

However, their core, the thermal unit, is identical and has all the Suzuki technologies within it, controlling consumption and with it harmful emissions, optimizing efficiency. Among these, the Suzuki Lean Burn system constantly adjusts the air-petrol ratio in combustion, reducing the amount of fuel and increasing the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber, up to guarantee a saving of petrol which, especially at a constant speed, when cruising, can reach very interesting values, up to 16%.

The Suzuki DF200A/AP grille has also been designed as an integral part of the intake system, to guarantee a constant flow of fresh air to the engine, a factor that is also important for optimizing its performance, allowing it to work in perfect conditions at top speed and acceleration.

Another peculiarity, this time mechanical, is the off-set system of the transmission shaft with a two-stage reduction, thanks to which not only the outboard dimensions are compacted, but it is possible to obtain a final propeller ratio of 2.50:1, once again a record-breaking value, functional to obtain maximum performance in propeller thrust.

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