Suzuki mid-range outboards become hi-tech

The outboards between 100 and 150 HP are now considered as mid-range engines. The upward growth of this engine type has led to an amount of horsepower, unexpected on high-end models just a few years ago. A new frontier where technology has played a leading role.

Suzuji DF115 BG – Suzuki DF140 BG

Today, more powerful multiple applications allow ever-larger boats to be fitted with outboard propulsion. In this context, even mid-range engines, the real best sellers in the Mediterranean, have benefited from a cascade of technologies previously developed for the top-end models. On-board life is simplified thanks to the new 4-stroke four-cylinder Suzuki DF115BG and DF140BG engines, 115 and 140 HP respectively.


fuoribordo Suzuki DF115BG DF140BG
I nuovi fuoribordo Suzuki DF115BG e DF140BG

The first innovation lies in the drive-by-wire technology that replaces the traditional mechanic connection. How does it work? Basically, a data connection is implemented between the throttle and the engine. An electric cable transfers each impulse in a much more faithful and im- mediate way. Positioned between the throttle lever and the grille, an actuator acts on the throttle valve, in order to accelerate or decelerate more smoothly. Similarly with the gearbox, to engage the forward gear, neutral and reverse gear.

Suzuki DF115 BG and DF140 BG

This results in greater maneuverability and considerable fuel saving. Suzuki technicians have also worked on the 2.0-liter thermal unit, the beating heart of these models, by modifying the compression ratio, bringing it to 10,6:1. Compared with the classic DF115A / DF140A, re- cent Suzuki tests show that the new models consume 5% to 6% and 5% to 7% less fuel, respectively, at cruising speed.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new Suzuki outboards will have a sportier and more aerodynamic design and will be available in Suzuki Marine’s Pearl Nebular Black colorway. From 2021 there will also be the Super Cool White option.
The first DF115BG / DF140BG outboards will be available on the market at the beginning of 2021, while the two “classic” models, namely the Suzuki DF115A and DF140A, will continue to be offered in the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog.

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