Suzuki DF40A Ari, the powerful 40hp outboard by Suzuki

Suzuki DF40A Ari
Suzuki DF40A Ari

Suzuki 40 Ari is an outboard engine that is designed for when you are traveling with super loads, family and supplies on board or when you switch to a larger boat and you need a little more power. Why? Simple, when the boat (or rib) is too heavy surfing is difficult, with all the disadvantages in terms of navigation and consumption. The solution could be to switch to a larger engine that, even for 10 horsepower, in Italy, would require a license.  And so here is the Suzuki Ari 40 horsepower.

Suzuki DF40A Ari
Suzuki DF40A Ari

The most powerful licence-free

The thermal unit of this outboard “without a license” by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki derives from the DF60AV and takes up its cubature, 943 cc, and architecture, three cylinders in line, lighter and more compact.

Advantages of this architecture

  • Lighter weight that means more advantageous power-to-weight ratio
  • Low consumption (in combination with the Lean Burn system)
  • Easier maintenance: fewer moving mechanical parts, therefore less friction and also lower maintenance costs.

The Suzuki DF40A ARI uses a timing chain instead of a rubber belt. The Self Adjusting Timing Chain is the device by which the timing chain is lubricated and pretensioned independently from the engine.

Suzuki DF40A Ari
Suzuki DF40A Ari

The foot is also that of the DF60AV, which makes the difference and let the engine to express its full potential and allows the boat, even if heavy, to glide quickly and maintain the glide speed, without straining.

DF40A vs DF40A ARI

Compared to the classic DF40A, the Suzuki DF40A ARI delivers 42% more forward thrust, improving outboard acceleration efficiency by 12%.

Other features

  • Easy Start: the automatic start of the engine following the insertion of the key and its positioning in the position of start
  • Tilt Limit to prevent over-lifting of the outboard to the transom
  • Suzuki Troll Mode to manage the minimum rotation by changing it by 50 rpm from the minimum up to 1,200 rpm.
  • High capacity 19 A alternator capable of generating a current of 11.5 A below 1,000 rpm, therefore, capable of supplying the on-board electronic instrumentation.




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