Suzuki DF250 Kuro is the new 250-horsepower high-tech outboard


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Suzuki DF250 Kuro
Suzuki DF250 Kuro

Suzuki Italia Marine debuts a new 250-horsepower outboard at the Genoa Boat Show. A thermal unit already established by the manufacturer, that is, the 4-liter, 55° inclined V-shaped 6-cylinder unit, precisely 4,028 cc, which has been remarkably successful for the 300 and 250 HP models.

In the world of big power, the 250 horsepower plays an important role because it is a very versatile outboard motor suitable for both single and multiple installations. Last year we had seen the arrival of the new “
top of the line
” of 300 and 350 horsepower, today we see a new addition near the top: the DF250 Kuro.

Suzuki DF250 Kuro

The Kuro version debuts at the Genoa Motor Show, an engine that develops updated styling and technological content from the same thermal unit. Under a matte black livery, a hallmark of this new engine, Suzuki has developed a grille with a new dynamic intake present on the top that improves intake flow.

Suzuki DF250 Kuro – Technical News

An upgraded filtration system strips the inhaled air of those water particles that are generated during navigation and can reduce combustion efficiency as well as engine life.

Suzuki DF250 Kuro

Also in order to optimize the performance of this outboard, the Suzuki DF250 KURO has a new foot of which changes the shape of the ogive enclosing the gearbox and the asymmetrical profile fin, designed to prevent cavitation to the maximum. The dual-inlet cooling system allows water to enter and cool the engine at any sailing speed.

What it looks like

As we said, the DF250 KURO has a 4,028 cc V6 engine, whose variable valve timing – VVT – distribution is by a double overhead camshaft system – DOCH – that operates 4 valves per cylinder.

This outboard has a drive axle offset from the crankshaft.

  • provides greater compactness of the outboard by moving its center of gravity forward, resulting in better weight balance, which translates into greater directional stability and less vibration;
  • allows for a first reduction between the crankshaft and drive shaft, and a second in the gearbox inside the foot. This allows larger diameter propellers to be mounted to take full advantage of the thermal unit’s mighty torque.

Suzuki DF250 Kuro – Suzuki Technologies

Now well-established, but always interesting on a technical level, are Suzuki’s technologies available for high-end engines. Let’s start with Drive-by-Wire, which is digitized control with electronic connections instead of mechanical ones that transmits commands from the lever to the engine more smoothly.

Then there is the
Lean Burn Suzuki
, i.e., that lean burn system that works best at cruising speed and actually adjusts the air/fuel mixture by leaning it, i.e., burning more air than gasoline when possible according to need and cruising speed.

Last, but quite welcome, is the updated Suzuki Keyless Start System, the wireless, automotive-style electronic key that, after transmitting a unique code, bypasses the immobilizer present to protect the engine (effectively an anti-theft device) and allows it to be started by push-button.


This new
Suzuki outboard
starts at €27,250, including VAT.

An offer to have interest-free purchase financing is active until the end of September:

Vuoi cambiare il fuoribordo (da 2 a 350 cavalli)? Guarda questa offerta Suzuki




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