Suzuki DF100B, silent, lightweight, cheap and powerful

The new Suzuki DF100B is a really amazing engine. We Italy rigid-keel boat, and, beyond technical specs, the emotions it conveyed to us were absolutely positive. Thanks to its weight of just 157 kg, it is the lightest engine in its power range and the most powerful among all Suzuki engines based on the 1,500 cc displacement (already used for 70-90hp models); the offset drive- shaft has played an effective role in reducing the size of the outboard. Moreover the engine is so silent that when used whithin a conventional summer marina, its hum is almost imperceptible. However, thanks to its two-stage 2.59:1 reduction ratio (the greatest in the class, according to a recent Suzuki research), it ensures extraordinary performance: at full throttle, 6,000 rpm and with three passengers on board, our Arkos 21 touched a rpm) was 23 knots with a fuel consumption of 0.8 l/ nm. In addition to this, it is the only 100hp model of- fered in white option. Highlights include: Lean Burn technology, self-adjusting timing chain, water detecting system, optional cruise control and pitch propel- ler. Price is from € 11, 600.00.


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