First tests on water for the new Sunseeker day boat | VIDEO

Hawk 38 Sunseeker

There is a lot of expectation around Hawk 38, the purebred Sunseeker designed together with FB Design, the studio of Fabio Buzzi. The prototype is currently under construction at the record-breaking designer’s plant in Annone Brianza, north of Milan. The phase of the water test is began yesterday.

Once the tests have been completed and the correct parameters have been reached, the hulls will be printed in Italy and then sent to the United Kingdom where Supermarine Powerboats will take care of the outboard fitting out – the boat is designed to be equipped with a pair of Mercury 400R engines – and Sunseeker will complete the fitting out.

Hawk 38 hulls to be printed in Italy

The hull moulding phase will see Italy as the protagonist because they have been studied according to Structural Foam, a technique patented by FB Design. It is a moulding system that makes the boat unsinkable. Secondly, it enhances on-board comfort by reducing vibrations and noise transmission to an absolute minimum, on a hull that manages to balance little weight and good strength.

There is also something of the high-performance rib that today more than ever are protagonists in the world. To reduce lateral pitching and increase stability, and therefore safety, during high-speed navigation, STAB inflatable tubes are fitted, which offer the additional advantage of “integrated fenders” to also facilitate the boarding phase and comfort at anchor.

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