Sunseeker London Group distributes Brabus Shadow

Axopar-Brabus barche a motore

In order to strengthen and expand the dealer network, a new company, Undiluted Spirit Ltd, has been set up, which will operate as the Brabus Marine London Group, part of the Sunseeker London Group, and will be responsible for sales of Brabus Shadow products. The distribution agreement is divided into “exclusive” and “non-exclusive” territories. This is also a great opportunity for Sunseeker London Group, which will be able to offer its customers not only the prestigious yachts of the British shipyard, but also the smaller and more exclusive Brabus Shadow.

Axopar Boats is the Brabus Shadow boatbuilder and Axopar’s co-founder, Jan-Erik Viitala, said: “In the strategic alliance between us and Brabus we are delighted to have appointed the Brabus Marine London Group as the official dealer. With an existing team of internationally distributed brokers, the new company will be based on years of experience and an existing client base of luxury yacht owners and superyachts to whom Brabus’ latest yachts are delivered.

Sunseeker’s large yachts are all about comfort and relaxation, but adrenaline is always welcome, both to owners and guests. A boat designed in this sense as the Brabus Shadow 800 and the latest Brabus Shadow 500, recently launched.

“With such a strong international network and customer connections in all the right places, we believe that the Brabus Marine London Group will achieve high levels of commercial success for us, just as it has done consistently over the past 25 years with Sunseeker.



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