Sunreef, history of the first luxury catamaran

[one_third]Sunreef  is the shipyard that offers the broadest range of the market today. It was founded by Francis Lapp, a French businessman who, after having fallen in love with multi-hulls and having realized that there were no luxury catamarans able to support his idea of navigation, decided to establish his shipyard in Danzig, Poland, in 2002. In 2003, the company launched the Sunreef 74, the world’s first catamaran with fly bridge. Since then, the growth of the shipyard has been unstoppable. In 2008, the first motor powered catamaran with double deck and oceanic range the 70 Sunreef Power Jambo designed in co-operation with French sailor Laurent Bourgnon was launched. In 2013, the first catamarans with Volvo Penta IPS propulsion were introduced with the 60 Sunreef Power Lilu. In the same year, the rendering of a 210-foot trimaran with a usable surface of 1000 square meters was unveiled. xThe Sunreef 75 Power Sportfish is an alternative option to American fishermen, equipped with a tuna tower and an astern console. The latest creation is the Sunreef 80 Power, a 24-meter boat offered in 8 different interior layouts, from 3 to 5 guest cabins and a master suite positioned on the main deck, as on the latest megayachts. [/one_third]




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The whole range of the Sunreef shipyard

  • Sunreef 40 Open Power

Loa: 13.10 m; B.max: 5.20 m; Max engine power: 2x435hp (2×860)

  • Sunreef 60 Power

Loa: 18.30 m; B.max: 8.50 m; Max engine power: 2x370hp (2×800)

  • Sunreef 70 Power

Loa: 22.30 m; B.max: 9.30 m; Max engine power: 2x455hp (2×1200)

  • Sunreef 75 Power Sportfish

Loa: 21.30 m; B.max: 8.50 m; Max engine power: 2x455hp (2×1100)

  • Sunreef 80 Power

Loa: 23.95 m; B.max: 12.00 m; Max engine power: 2x575hp (2×1200)

  • Sunreef 90 Power

Loa: 27.40 m; B.max: 13.40 m; Max engine power: 2x1600hp (2×1800)

  • Sunreef 115 Power

Loa: 35.00 m; B.max: 13.80 m; Engine power: n.d

  • Sunreef 150 Power

Loa: 46.00 m; B.max: 13.50 m; Engine power: 2x2600hp

  • Sunreef 150 Power Trimaran

Loa: 45.70 m; B.max: 18.90 m; Max engine power: n.d.

  • Sunreef 210 Power Trimaran

Loa: 64.00 m; B.max: 23.50 m; Max engine power: 4x1635hp (2×800)

  • Sunreef Supreme 48 Power

Loa: 14.60 m; B.max: 8.50 m; Max engine power: 2×150 hp (2×425 hp)

  • Sunreef Supreme 58 Power

Loa: 17.60 m; B.max: 9.60 m; Max engine power: 2×220 hp (2×425 hp)

  • Sunreef Supreme 68 Power

Loa: 20.50 m; B.max: 10.50 m; Max engine power: 2×225 hp (2×800 hp)

  • Sunreef Supreme 88 Power

Loa: 26.50 m; B.max: 12.90 m; Max engine power: 2×800 hp





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