Stop the roll of the boat when you are at anchor


The roll is an inevitable movement for a boat. Moving from side to side is typical of floating vessels. And generally those on board adapt quickly to this type of side effect of going out to sea. Sometimes, however, the roll is very annoying. So much so that even the strongest stomachs are put to the test. If the wave then exceeds a certain height then it really becomes a catch. Fortunately, waves and wind generally come from the same direction. This means that when you are at anchor it is usually the bow that receives the waves. This guarantees pitching and not roll. That thanks to the longer length of the boat, compared to the width, is softer and less heavy to handle for those on board.

Sometimes, however, it can happen that waves and wind do not come from the same direction. As for example in case of expired. When the last effects of a storm are extinguished. Or when the effects of a distant storm arrive.

Stop the roll of the boat when you are at anchor

When the boat is at anchor, it will always steer with its bow to the wind, unless the current is much higher than the air in motion, even if in the Mediterranean it is difficult for that to happen.

So it can happen that wind and waves have an angled direction. If it happens when you are in the roadstead is not nice. When there is backwash in the bay the stop becomes annoying. This way you can operate on the anchorage so that the boat can be anchored so that it is the first to present its bow to the waves. It is an effective system and can be useful when the wind and sea conditions are not extreme enough to jeopardize the safety of the anchorage. This is achieved by placing a paste inside which to pass a line (if you do not have the paste to pass the line in pairs you can also tie it) to be fixed to the stern bollard. By spinning the anchor chain the line will grip and the boat will rotate in favor of the waves.



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