When you’re asking your beloved to marry you, but…here it comes a wave

A sunset exit. It’s you and your beauty who enjoy the coolness of the evening, by boat. Then, on the most beautiful, take the hand of your beloved, unseal from the pocket the case and … wave. You kneel, you look her in the face, another wave. You read the emotion in her eyes, you’re about to pronounce the two fateful words…wave. You now have the ring in your hands, but guess what…wave!

It’s from this delicate moment that the team of Quick Spa decided to take the cue to understand how their stabilizers work with a really funny video. Here it is!

What are the stabilizers?

Up until a few years ago the stabilization of the boat (a tool on board that avoids “rocking” the boat) and the reduction of the hull roll was seen only on large mega yachts for several reasons: the costs first of all and then the size of the systems (such as the fins that protrude from the work alive, the immersed part of the boat, and so on).


Detail not to be underestimated was then that this type of stabilizer acted only the boat in motion. Today it is no longer so. The so-called “zero speed” hold the boat steady even when it is stationary, the most delicate situation when there are guests on board … or when you want to ask your beauty to marry.

About Quick: MC² Quick Gyro

Stabilizers like the MC² Quick Gyro are called“gyroscopic”.  They do not oppose the movement by opening or moving submerged fins (flap type), but by applying the principle of the gyroscope. Basically an instrument is installed on board that acts like a spinning top and exploiting its rotary movement, maintains a condition of balance right around the axis of rotation. In practical terms: on board, a rotating mass is installed, sized according to the boat to be stabilized, which moves in such a way as to dampen the roll of the boat. You can easily manage them remotely through a touch panel (as in the video) with graphics display (also in multi-station) in sizes of 4 “and 5”. Specifically: thanks to the system of rotation of the flywheel on a horizontal axis, the bearings suffer less friction reaching lower temperatures: they do not require water cooling and vacuum for the benefit of ease of installation and maintenance.

RPM: 5000; weight/mass: 300 kg;

price: 17.300 €




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