Stab 25, the stabilizer for boats up to 12 meters

Stab 25 of the Italian company CMC Marine is the stabilizer for boats from 12 meters in length, a boon for those who get seasickness but does not have a super yacht. In addition to the outboard, another big trend is the stabilizers. For both fishing and classic cruising, these accessories are becoming a must-have on board. The boats that fit them are getting smaller and smaller (once only large yachts could have them) as in the case of Stab 25, the Waveless range of CMC marine, which can be used from 12 meters up.

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Stab 25, the stabilizer for small boats

Among the top models of the Pisan company CMC, these stabilizers have been named among the best accessories of 2019. They are Waveless electric and ultra-compact stabilizers, for boats from 12 meters in length and boast the same technology that brought the CMC Marine stabilizers to success in the boating industry. The range includes four models of STAB stabilizers and four models of TRIM intruders. The award also came for the optimisation of soundproofing in the new product range and for the design of the components.

Waveless Cmc Marine Stabilizers

What is a stabilizer for?

The stabilizers are designed to solve the problem of roll and pitch of yachts caused by waves and weights on board. In short, you have a more stable boat both in navigation and when you are stopped with relief from those who suffer from seasickness.

For larger boats, the CMC models include the HS60 from the High Speed System range, an evolution of the Stabilis Electra System. These stabilizers are suitable for planing boats and length from 23 meters, with optimized fin profiles and a new electronics that allows you to reduce size and weight while increasing performance. Both these models, Stab 25 and HS60 were present at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show also because American market is one of the most active in the world of stabilizers.

Stabils Electra

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