3 boats to sail the sea without using fuel


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Silent 80
Silent 80

There is a family of totally electric catamarans that has a reason to boast: they are the only ones in the world who can cross (and have crossed) an ocean using only solar energy and electricity to move. We are talking about Silent Yachts. Obviously being a magazine that focuses on the Mediterranean, we think about this boat as the best way to wander around all the Greek islands or the Riviera (French or Italian you do it!) without using fuel.


From Cannes we tell you 3 new boats for this. Obviously you go calmly, but those who buy a yacht like this do not do it for performance.

The “Silent Yachts family” has expanded with the Silent 44, 60 and 80 feet with three decks. These multihulls by Austrian company Silent Yachts are among the most technologically advanced boats: no vibrations, no smoke, no noise, all thanks to electric propulsion. Everything works without a generator, which is still present, but is used to recharge the batteries only in an emergency.


Silent 44

The Silent 44 is currently the smallest in the range. Small, yes, but still electric, solar, and oceanic. The cruise remains luxury even on this model with all the comforts of a “top” boat.

In the standard configuration, the two 30 kW electric motors reach a maximum speed of 12 knots, but the propulsion can be increased to 2×80 kW. It is possible to travel all over the Mediterranean with pure and clean solar energy, without sacrificing the comfort of a classic yacht.

Silent 44
Silent 44

This man just crossed the Ocean on a rib from Italy to New York

Silent 60

If the best-selling model is the Silent 55, this is an upgrade. A longer, wider and more voluminous boat, with changes in the shape of the hull that improves performance thanks to the optimization with the study CFD, with longer waterline and inverted bow. The exterior design resembles that of the Silent 80 flagship.

Its distinctive details are the long strip of windows on the side of the hull and a larger surface area of the window in general. In addition, the storage space of the 60 feet is much larger, has a greater free height and more powerful solar panels: 42 pieces for 16.8 kWp against 30 for 10.8 kWp of the Silent 55. The Silent 60 is a real world cruiser.

Silent 60
Silent 60

Silent 80 WITH three-deck

The air-conditioned panoramic salon on the flybridge of the Silent 80 Tri-Deck is very comfortable and helps to extend the period of use of the boat. The extra space at the top adds more space for social areas on board, while offering new opportunities in terms of layout. The Silent 80 Tri-Deck is available with a sky-lounge on the upper deck or a large 90 m² fly deck that can be designed as a “master deck with a large private master suite with 360° view and terrace.

At the same time, the Tri-Deck solution does not affect performance. The new SILENT 80 will be able to reach the same 18 knots with the most powerful combination of electric motors and reach 100 nautical miles per day at cruising speed without burning a single litre of fuel.

Silent 44
Silent 44



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