Silent 80, the luxury 24-metre catamaran powered by solar energy


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The new flagship of Silent Yachts is coming: Silent 80. If before the top model was the 79, today there is an extra foot in the largest model of the company of solar-powered catamarans, the Austrian Silent Yachts.

Silent 80, the solar flagship with the “Made in Italy” lines

There are already four 80-foot solar-powered catamarans sold by the shipyard. Thanks to a large number of solar panels on the deck and deckhouse this yacht is able to be completely self-sufficient, independent and environmentally friendly. In addition, not to be underestimated, an electric catamaran is as comfortable as you can think about navigation. The stability given by the two hulls is combined with the absence of vibrations, which are usually generated by the engines and you have clean air even when you are stationary in the roadstead.

Solar energy recharges lithium-ion batteries, such as those of Tesla cars, with which Silent 80 reaches up to 18 knots with two motors of 2×250 kW. The design, interior, and exterior have been designed by Italian designer Marco Casali of Too Design who has an important curriculum for superyachts with ISA Yachts, Columbus Yachts, Itama, and Canados.

silent yachts barche

The goal of designer Casali was to position as many solar panels as possible without ruining the charm that a luxury yacht should have.

“What I tried to achieve – says Casali – is an interesting, sophisticated and refined Italian design. This is a nice looking yacht that meets efficiency”.

The Silent 80 has a clean and timeless design with straight lines and windows that allow for plenty of natural light in the lounge and guest spaces while offering panoramic views. Equipped with solar panels, the flybridge is sporty with horizontal air grilles inspired by supercars but with an ecological feel. Outside, both aft and bow, there is no shortage of space. The cockpit aft has a lounge and bar, while the front area is perfect for relaxing in the sun, being equipped with a sofa facing the sea and sunbathing. The new yacht has been built with vacuum resin infusion to create a lightweight composite sandwich glass and sandwich construction that has acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

The motorization of Silent 80

This solar-electric oceanic cat uses silent electric propulsion with unlimited range without noise or minimal fumes and vibrations and is self-sufficient. The catamaran is equipped with a pair of electric motors (80 kW each in the standard “Cruiser” version, 250 kW each in the “E-Power” version). In the most powerful version, the SILENT 80 can reach 18 knots.

What it can do

The catamaran is able to go to 6-7 knots in complete silence and with unlimited range passing through about 100 nautical miles per day. With 70 high-efficiency solar panels with a power of about 25 kilowatts peak, the Silent 80 uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controllers and the same lithium batteries used by Tesla, which provide capacity for night navigation, while a 20 kVA inverter provides power for all appliances. The power generation and propulsion systems require almost no maintenance and produce no fumes or noise. For this reason, the operating costs of boats are significantly lower than those of motor yachts using traditional propulsion systems. The Silent 80 is also equipped with a generator, but this is only used to recharge the batteries in the rare cases where a higher speed is required for longer periods or if the weather conditions are adverse for more days.

There is also a “Hybrid Power” version of the Silent 80 with a pair of 220 hp diesel engines combined with two 14 kW electric motors.

The basic price of the SILENT 80 is 4.27 million euros.

Technical feature of the boat: Silent 80

  • Length overall: 24,30 m
  • Length waterline: 24,20 m
  • Beam overall: 10,95 m
  • Draft: 1,25 m
  • Light displacement: 48 tons
  • Water: 1.000 L
  • Fuel: 3.000 L
  • Motors (electric): 2 x 80 kW (fino a 2 x 250 kW)
  • Solar Panels 70 / 25.000 Wp
  • Battery Capacity: 240 kWh
  • Cruising Speed: 6 to12 knots
  • Top Speed: 18 knots



3 thoughts on “Silent 80, the luxury 24-metre catamaran powered by solar energy”

  1. I’m interested to better understand range. At 6.5 knots one could go 180 miles in 24 hours. At 9 knots one could go 250 miles. At 18 knots one could go 480 miles in a 24 hour period none stopped. At higher speeds I suppose this is accomplished through use of the generator. I don’t see specs on generator and fuel use and would like that. I would also like to know if it is possible to make the boat with double the battery capacity.

  2. Jean-Luc DABI

    @Brad I agree wit you, this doesn’t make any sense ! They suggest to input 2 generators at 300 KW each, that’s mean the engine doesn’t pollute but the generators to fill the battery to make the engines works pollute 80L each by hour to recharge the battery.
    This isn’t an green eco friendly catamaran, its just a scam !!!

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