Silent 55, a new oceangoing solar-electric catamaran (and his price)


Silent 55
Silent 55

Last year in Cannes we saw our older brother, the Silent 80. This year, Austria’s Silent Yachts will be presenting a completely revamped Silent 55 at the Cannes Yachting Festival as a world premiere.

Silent 55

Silent 55 is a 16.70-metre catamaran with an almost infinite range. This year at the Cannes Yachting Festival it will be presented with a completely revised propulsion, more powerful batteries and engines that double their power, as well as a further reduction of noise on board, already very low. They also have a hybrid engine and are made of carbon. Now imagine the price. Done? Let’s see if it matches: from the price list the Silent 55 costs, in the basic version, € 1,417,360 to which must be added the options that are, however, at the discretion of the owner. In short, a price that is in line with motor boats or sailboats of the same size. Perhaps this will also be the basis of the success of this boat with a Silent 55 already built and three others ordered.

Silent 55
Silent 55

Silent Yachts, here are the strengths

The Austrian shipyard is the only one in the world to produce catamarans capable of crossing the ocean using only solar energy and electricity. Although they do not use gasoline or fossil fuels these catamarans have all the comforts you would expect from a 16-meter yacht, but not only that. It’s like being on a floating, sea-side big mansion. You don’t hear the noise of the engine (do you know about electric cars? Just the same!), you don’t hear any smell of smoke and there are no typical vibrations of a boat with the engine running. The air conditioning, which is essential in summer, and the kitchen do not need a generator. A generator is present, but is used to recharge the batteries only in an emergency. For the rest the boat is 100% autonomous without consuming gasoline. Not bad, especially if we think that it can reach even 20 knots of maximum speed. Consider also that you buy a yacht of this type does not do so to navigate at full speed

Boat data sheet: Silent 55

  • Length overall: 16.70 m (54.8′)
  • Beam overall: 8.46 (27.7′)
  • Draft: 1.20 m (3.9′)
  • Light displacement: 19 tons
  • Water: 500 – 1,000 L
  • Waste-Water: 2 x 500 L
  • Fuel: 500 – 1,600 L
  • Solar Panels: 10 kWp
  • E-Motors: 2 x 30 kW / 2 x 250 kW
  • Generator: 22 kW / 100 kW
  • Battery Capacity: 120 kWh
  • Cruising Speed: 6 – 8 kt / 12 – 15 kt
  • Top Speed: approx. 12 kt / 20 kt
  • CE Certification: CE-A
  • Range: Trans-Ocean




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