Seven Marine and Volvo Penta create the “hi-tech” outboard

seven marine volvo tiara

Tiara Sport presented a new outboard package from Volvo Penta and Seven Marine for the 38 LS at the Miami International Boat Show 2019. The integration of Volvo Penta‘s DuoProp system with the power of the Seven Marines makes it possible to push larger and heavier boats more efficiently at all speeds.

The “hi-tech” outboard

Tiara Sport is the first boat builder to bring to market this complete helm-to-prop solution that combines Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) and Seven Marine outboards.  This optional package for the Tiara Sport 38 LS features twin Seven 527 6.2-liter V8 outboards with Volvo Penta DuoProp drives, packaged with a combination of Volvo Penta’s Easy Boating features, including joystick driving and docking, enhanced helm station with Glass Cockpit, dynamic positioning, autopilot-joystick integration and Easy Connect remote connectivity, all tied together by Volvo Penta’s EVC platform.

Outboard performance, inboard technology

“Today we are launching with Tiara Sport the first fully integrated system in the industry – said Ron Huibers, president and CEO of Volvo Penta of the Americas and president of the Seven Marine Board – designed for the propulsion of larger boats with outboard performance and onboard characteristics. We are taking a giant step forward to push the boundaries of what is possible today in outboard technology.

The result is better maneuverability and glide at low speed, faster glide time, more power and more efficient fuel consumption across all speed ranges. In addition, the DuoProps dramatically reduce cavitation, even when sailing in rough seas.

Boating is easier

“The integrated outboard experience of Volvo Penta and Seven Marine – concluded Huibers – is a key milestone resulting from our strategic acquisition of Seven Marine in 2017. Our goal is to expand our technology platforms and offer cutting-edge solutions, regardless of the energy source, to deliver the desired power in the water.



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