This man just crossed the Ocean on a rib from Italy to New York

Sergio Davì in New York
Sergio Davì in New York

*Phone call*
“Hey, Sergio, tell me!”
“I’m sorry, my dear, what are the names of those tall things with so many windows with people in them?”
“That’s right, I’m 15 miles from New York and I see the skyscrapers, I’ll see you soon!”

He made it. Above is an “almost stenographic” report of Sergio Davì’s call to New York, after having travelled 7,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean aboard his rib boat (HERE ARE ALL DETAILS ABOUT THE FUEL AND THE STOPS). In the conversation we reported above, with Marta Del Carlo of Suzuki Marine Italia, Davì describes his arrival in the Big Apple, after stopping to find shelter from Hurricane Dorian (CLICK HERE).

Sergio Davì in New York
Sergio Davì in New York

In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, Sergio has given himself an unforgettable selfie of what certainly represents a beautiful history of boating. And it was at Ellis Island that Sergio wanted to bow to Liberty Island and Ellis Island to pay homage to the many Italians (and Sicilians) who left across the Atlantic Ocean to find their fortune in America.

The history of travel

Sergio Davì left Palermo on 21 June and made a solo ocean with a rib of just 11 meters, a New Jolly production driven by two outboard Suzuki DF350A. A record-breaking feat for Sergio, who in his crossing passed through the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and then touched Canada and finally the United States.




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